Friday, July 28, 2006

E-Magazines are more influence than traditional ones

Professor Hadi Khaaniki, master teacher of communication and the member of scientific council of Allame Tabaatabaaee university of Tehran, introduces e-zines as the new generation of journalism they are both more powerful and impressing than traditional newspapers and magazines and we can find its examples and justifications in any case or topic such as political development. But of course we have to consider that this affectivity is a function containing technical features and abilities in addition to the fluency of accessing ways to news on the cyber space and also cultural and literary sphere.
He added that: The power circle and limitation of media around our society will be enlarged and increased, if using internet and international networks, will be changed into a daily habit for our people.
Prof. Khaaniki also said that: until newspapers, magazines and news agencies are belonging to the information age and network society, then they will make a great and expanded relation and ratio with the different aspects of development such as political development and the high pressure and intensity of online magazines in developed or even under-developed countries is the best indication of such changes.
Communication teacher of Allame tabaatabaaee university in answer to the question about the level of affectivity of paper magazines against e-zines stipulated that: in any case, the range and realm of influence is about e-magazines on resource groups and traditional magazines on common people.
He also specified that: in the circulation of idea interchange and exchange, we accepted a dual-section circulation and course, so the electronic magazines are impressing intelligence and talent groups of our country.
He particularly pointed out about the importance of qualitative difference between traditional and electronic news agencies or websites, because the power of making the addressee, updated and get informed is so vital important, with the accelerate and quick growing of electronic magazines and news agencies in cyber space, they will gradually substituted with the huge number of magazines they will publish in day because they are very slower in news interchange and transformation in compare with internet media.Finally Prof Khaaniki said that in the former age, publishing of an article or some news was a good reason for proving its authenticity but today, the reflection of some news is its reliability reason and there is just a little difference between these two styles of journalism, and that’s the revolution of news insertion models.

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