Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Islamic Wearing models exhibition

A few days ago, the first Islamic Wearing models exhibition and display show, has been expired in Tehran, the capital of Islamic Republic of Iran. It was the first time in the Islamic countries history that such an exhibition was accomplished and many Muslim female models, showed the newest types of Islamic wearing and clothing by walking through the specified corridors and hallways of fair.
Although the exhibition was exposed with obeying all Islamic laws, norms and principles, but many extravagant conservatives of Iran, protested it and made lots of critique about the way of this festival's celebration and said that the establishment of clothing shows and displays, is not legal and rejected by religion.

What is Islamic clothing?
You many know the Quran, holy book of all Muslims around the world. For protecting women, saving their personality and value and proper use of their merely artistic and scientific potentials and preventing them to be just tools of others enjoyment, Islam has specified a typical model of clothing that is named "veil" or "Hijab".
Based on the Islamic instructions, the whole parts of Muslim woman's body, must be covered except the wrist of hands and pellet of face.
But there is not any necessity or compulsion on this orders and instructions and any Muslim person feels free to observe them or not. But Iran is the only Islamic country that Hijab is mandatory on it and Iranian government says that all of women must have Islamic wearing and complete veil, otherwise they will be arrested but they are not right because it is just a political slogan to make people scared. But even in countries like Palestine or Iraq, there is not any law about the obligation of Hijab, and Islamic integument is free. For example the main proviso of factories or organizations employment for women is complete veil. Although this compulsion is announced anywhere and for anybody, but it seems that there is not any control on its performance’s situation!
In addition with the lack of Islamic wearing and veil for Persian women, their common and normal type of wearing and covering is most likely to European countries and absolutely coordinated with the latest fashion models of non-Islamic and European countries! Many foreigner tourists, reporters or journalists from abroad countries that come to Iran, will be wondered to see the overpowering style of Persian women's clothing! For example Sean Penn, the famous Hollywood actor who came to Iran at the time of presidential election for making reports to Daily Chronicle newspaper, said that: After arriving in Tehran, I thought that I am in LA for a few moments!!
Persian government is so upset about this situation, also can not do anything by arresting Islamic cloth-less girls, in the other hand, the formal, typical and accepted clothing model that is approved by all Islamic clergies in Iran, that is called "chador" and it is like a wide range of dark black textile, is not so interesting for Persian young girls and the users of black chadors are almost the old women who belong to the past generations of "after-revolution".
So the idea of Islamic Clothing exhibition, was made by one of Iran's Islamic parliament senators and the various types and models of Islamic wearing that have the suitable and proper situations and circumstance of Holy Quran (the clothing must cover all parts of body except the wrist and face) with different and exciting colors and amusing models, have been showed in the fair for the first time of Islamic countries history!


YAAK said...

Congradulations my friend, for the first step to become more and more international! :)

Nima said...

Dear Kourosh!\The Word "Hijab" has never been used as "veiling" in Islamic Scripture as well as in Arabic Language. You can use the word "ستر" instead :-)

[Under Construction] said...

chador should be categorized on the same level as those drab, black/camel-colored and undefining "manteaus" that many young women wear around all of Iran.

Then, it would be more apparent that very few girls are actually "fashionistas" in Iran. Very few clothing stores sell the unique/bright/eclectic manteaus and very few girls buy them (rich ones can, middle-poor usually can't)