Friday, July 28, 2006

Media cannot work in a sealing wax condition

With regard to the necessity of obeying the laws and borders, we have to say that global media can not accomplish any work and do their moral duties with a closed, dark, sealing wax and dependent situation, said Professor Yahya Kamalipour Ravari, the headmaster of communication and creative arts department of US Purdue university, in an exclusive interview with Blogherald.
Media are parts of a general structure that contains culture, literature, economy and politics. Added professor Kamaalipour, if this structure doesn't provide the suitable bases and backgrounds of compositor and respectable critique and activity and a good impression, it artificially is to restrict the global media in research and solution providing and also the development of each society.
Professor Kamalipour, the former teacher of Franciscan university of Ohio state also said: if defending the speech freedom and legal, professional rights and saving their place still is the most important challenge of Persian journalists, then how can we expect them to give importance to their responsibilities? if they are searching for red lines all times or fearing from making critics from government directors, we can not wait for them to reach and gather international identity and credibility.The chief editor of global media journal with making hint and allusion to the weakness and fainting of Persian journalists and ITC specialists in making relations to the global media network, also said that unfortunately, none of Persian journalists are famous or under consideration around the world. However some foreign media and journals abroad of Iran will make some interviews with Iranian, but I don't know any Persian competitor or rival with Mr. Jeff Jarvis. Although some of Persian university teachers are well-known, famous and interviewed by the media of European and American countries like Doctor Mo'tamedNejaad, Doctor Shokrkhaah, Doctor Haadiaan and so on.

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