Friday, July 28, 2006

No cease-fire !!

What the world needs right now?
and I mean right now more than ever... the Salvation !
the question remains to be answered
who can save humanity from itself?
I have a candidate in mind
a candidate in challenge all the one-way communication
I will let the music be my language...
did you ever think about the reason of all wars? for example, it is more than 60 years that Israeil is making war on Palestine and it is a few weeks that the new wave of ware on lebonan is being stablished. but really, what is the reason?
all governemtns are searching for more power. Israel, United states and even Islamic Republic of Iran. but finind power is not so easy and so cool! you must pay all the costs of a great firework! and never think about cease-fire. I don't know the exact number of killed people in the war, but in the other hand, I have not also the number of murders...
I am an Iranian, and my ancestors have the bitter exprience of ware between Saddam Husain's government with our country.
But on that historical war that returns to more than 22 years ago, Iran's governemt was not the main and cheif fan and supporter of Irans's nationality, Iran's cultural heritage and Iran's people. There were milions of teenager young boys that started to war with only a simple Klashnicov. Their hands was free of any weapon and... and you can not forget the microbic bombs, long-range missles, guided rockets and intercontinential ballestics, shooting from the Iraqi's force...
I don't know anything about these political struggles and conflicts between the great powers of our world, I can not understand the reasons of this childish strifes and I can not find the radics of these scuffs, but I can just understand the pains of a palestinian or lebanese boy who is searching for a reliable guardian... who is searching for freedom... who is searching for tranquility...

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Ali Sarbedairiyeh said...

mersi . this is so wonderfull that u have this . the iranian and the world blogger .
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