Friday, July 28, 2006

Persian Blog RSS, makes web surfing easier than ever

From this time, all of blog attached and interested people, can access the content of Persian Blog weblogs using RSS FEED.
RSS service is a suitable technology for transformation of persian information and context on the net and it will be very effective and impressing on the development and expanding of persian blogsphere, said Engineer Reza Hashemi, the member of Persian Blog establishment team. is the greatest weblog service in Asia-Oceania zone.
He also said that: by using this method, we can access the content of Persian weblogs, such as news agencies headlines. Also using RSS will encounter to prevent spams in mailing lists, so you can separate your beloved weblogs and receive their contents as XML.
Hashemi, the Information Technology MA, called RSS as a great feature and fitness by Persian Blog team and stipulated that: RSS must be utilitized and applicable for our users, and with releasing Windows Vista by Microsoft and its new capabilities about RSS, we will face a great wave from persian text and information transformation and interchange by PersianBlog.
At the end of exclusive interview with FavaNews, Hashemi said that: with RSS inauguration by PersianBlog, adapted itself with new requires and needs of its users and addressees.

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