Friday, July 28, 2006

Persian Stat, The most perfect visitor stat counter in the world

Persian Stat, is the first visitor counter service provider website, that offers you with absolutely new features and abilities such as general information around visitors, the number of visitors and daily page visits, their operating systems and other common information on user's PCs, in addition with some other knowledge such as geographical position of visitors and so on...
"Stat monitoring websites" are new types of internet services that provide for website managers with the capability of static analyze and details of visitor's information, so they can make efforts and try to grow and enhance their websites, said Raaddanesh, the director and manager of, and they can make their WebPages, matched and collated with frequently and most used operating systems by users or change their website content by the prevail used monitor resolutions or internet browsers from users, neither by the religious or geographical majority.
He also pointed to the usage of SEO strategy in the called website and stipulated that: We provided the webmasters with the treasure ability of checking site refers and links, because a site visitor will reach to your WebPages by the various ways.
For example he will straightly types the address of your page, or clicks on your website link on the other sites, neither reach to your sites by searching on search engines.
In the last case about search engines, we have to reveal that webmasters are very interested to know about the redirecting and referring keywords from a search engine to their website, so Persian stat, tried to answer this necessity.
In reply to our question about a short comparative static about Persian visitor counter websites, Raaddanesh said that: we have currently two leading and chief stat websites in Iran. "Poshtibanan Shabake" and also "Webgozar". "Poshtibanan Shabake" is the first Farsi language stat website that is boycotted by users because of low speed and many pop-up advertisements in any dependent and follower weblog or website. Webgozar is in a more satisfying situation and place in compare with Poshtibanan Shabake, but is not providing more gratifying accessories in a parallel competition with Persian Stat and most of its new abilities, have been added after increasing and deployment of our website features and user friendly supports.
Also, new, various and miscellaneous feasibilities and possibilities of Persian stat, beside of PersianBlog team support is encountering to a great victory and winning against Webgozar, because in the last month, Persian stat with a distance of 10,000 users more than Webgozar, has more than 80,000 users.
With regard to the 35-40,000 daily visits from, Raaddanesh said that: consideration and taking advantage from persian stat, by Iranian users is so wonderful and I can say that I didn't receive just one contradiction or protest email from any remonstrant user. Also in web or internet conferences or chat seminars about persian stat with presence of our users, almost all of the users and consumers very satisfied completely and toke us their suggestion for development of our benefits and capabilities and will obviate our costumer's worrisome or disturbances.At the end of interview, he said us about the new features and goodies such as multi-color and shapes counters, additional information on newly arrived and new incomer users. Also he said hopefully about the establishment of English section based on their team researches on non-persian services, so persian stat can be a good rival and competitor for the great counters like nedstat basic, webstate and google analyzer.

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