Friday, July 28, 2006

Weblogs are the new generation of media!

Blogging, Provides the addressee with additional properties such as instantly accessibility, ease of use, reception of readers comments etc. and it causes the journalists to use this new type of media such as other members of society with their own occupation that are moderating their blogs, said AliAkbar Ghazvini, blogger and journalist of Shargh Newspaper who is writing on his personal blog at, also journalists and reporters are able to write about the subordinate and secondary events of their job (such as the troubles of making a report) and publish their unpublished articles and reports on their weblogs.
Also because of their simple access to informative resources and breaking news, journalists can cover some events and happenings that they are not broadcasted on media in a good way, on their blogs.
All of these are interesting for potential addresses of web media and can expand the 2-way communication of blogger-addressee. Also, most of journalists have illustrious fame (not visual fame) because of publishing their names on newspapers and magazines and it can redirect many potential addressees and audiences to their blogs, so they are interested to improve this illustrious fame in a cyber space. Although saving and increasing the amount of blog readers, needs us to understand the main differences of weblog with magazines and print media as old communicative networks, and in case of misunderstanding about this differences, the addressees will be made escape.
He also pointed out about the instant spreading of blogging process and its helps to widespread of speech freedom and said: but this enhancement can also cause to the broadcasting of untrustworthy and gossip news. We can also call the weblogs as virtual representatives of real personals. And for example it we talk about some fields in taxi or at family festivals, without any expertise or specialty on them, or convey some news without any resource for it, then this procedure can be widened through blogs. But of course, the basic difference between oral quotations and weblogs is about the long-term permanence and stability of weblog’s textual content. Although there is a possibility for the blog moderator to remove his post any time he desires, but if he made a great wave with numerous links to a special issue, then he can get rid of the consequences difficultly. Also many computer operators and experts, are able to recover any deleted content or website as easy as possible.This blogger reporter also added that: with regard to all these aspects, I think that Weblog as the new generation of media could help the freely process of information and news broadcasting and assists the readers to distinguish true by false.

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