Monday, August 07, 2006

Access is Denied!

The amount of filtered weblogs of Iran is rising up very instantly and quickly. By the announce of official IT organizations of Iran and based on the quote of Mehdi Boutorabi, the head manager of AriaGostar group team websites and the administrator of PersianBlog, we have almost more than 250,000 Persian blogs that are being moderated all around the world and almost 80 percent of them are working actively.
Journalists are the greatest blogger society of Persian blogsphere and near to more than 20,000 Iranian journalists are managing their blogs on the cyber network.
The Iranian Telecom cooperation has signed a new contract with an American company that is the new filtering project supplier in Iran.
The Persian administrators of filtering project claimed that they will renew their contract if they are satisfied with the performance type of American contractor, also they will provide that company each week with the new lists of websites and weblogs that must be filtered.
But also they say that the Persian-Telecom center of Iran will review the anti-filtering requests for each blog. From the filtered blogs, journalistic and media blogs have the most portions. Although Iranian web browsers are using various types of anti-filtering softwares to break-down the walls of filtered web pages, but the anti-filtering websites are being filtered in the new phase of program.

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