Friday, August 25, 2006

Ahmadinejad writes himself!

Ahmadinejad’s blogging will change the unjustifiable ideas and opinions around Persian blogsphere.
It is more than 10 days that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Islamic Republic Of Iran has started to write on his personal weblog in four live languages. Persian, Arabic, English and Françias.
We can say that he is the first president of countries around the world who owns a personal weblog and writes on it directly. His blog’s commenting section is also open-to-write and all of the visitors can share what they think about his writings without any registration or user submitting. Only the straight publish of comments and opinions is restricted by the technical managers and the ideas would be published after approval of site’s moderator, and this feature is being enabled to resist the spreading the insulting and offensive not critique content by users.
Also there is an interactive message forum manipulated and charged on his weblog. The contents of this message forum are also under full time and 24-hours moderation.
Ahmadinejad said that he would dedicate almost 15 minutes to his blog each week! And checks his emails, comments and user messages. He also promised to write one post on his blog each week but he already asked for pardon because of probably delays on his weekly updates.
Analytic statistics shows that the president’s blog has a range of near to 10,000 page visits the way, most of them from Iran and US.
Many users around the world are distrust to the entire blog and say that the blog posts are being wrote and published by the participants of presidents, not of course himself.
But the presidential spokesman announced that the blog is a result of cooperation work between Mr. Ahmadinejad and his technical team on designing and solution providing affairs.
Ahmadinejad also encourages his ministry team of cabinet to establish weblogs and start writing on them. There is not a really pure and true knowledge and consciousness about weblogs and usages of Internet among Persian families and they think that weblog or Internet are illegal and underground or unhallowed activities so they restrict their children to access internet easily. Of course the establishment of Ahmadinejad’s blog as a regularly religious and Islamic personage would changes this unjustifiable and unwarrantable views and to ease the access of Persian youth society to their desired network!

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Anonymous said...

Just a bit of info-
Israelis are flocking this place, in order to crash it. Hopefully, this Islamonazi will receive a Virus at the near future.
Death to the Ayatollah's regime!
Heil moderate Iran!