Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New design

Past days, I had some free times to investigate, order and review my backwarded and arrear works again, write some articles for Roozna, Jame Jam daily newspaper and also SharghOnline. Also I finished reading the book "A week with Shamloo". Maybe you know Ahmad Shamloo. He is one of the greatest modern poets of contemporary age in Iran. "Aida in Mirror" is one of his most famous and best-sold books.
Also I wrote an English article for Mouthshut magazine to introduce Rasht, as my city and center of Guilan's province.
In addition with all recently journalistic works, I released the new version of
ImaneEmrooz dot com's designing, that is a new informal combination of Persian's traditional illustration, named illumination (Tazhib) that is shown on the top left corner of main index, and also the modern sketch of finger pointer that you will see it frequently on your web surfings, for example when you point on a link, this mouse pointer will appear and it will memorize a good charismatic situation of internet browsing for each user!Also I placed an anti-war logo on my website and the logo for supporting of Persian Gulf’s eternal and infinitely name that will remains Persian forever.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! your English sucks as yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

this blog is boring. as a persian myself i get nothing interesting from this. who cares what the politicians, google or whoever did. people want interesting articles about life, experience etc.. i dont think your going about it the right way