Monday, August 07, 2006

What is Adobe PageMaker?

If you manage the Information Technology and pagemaking section of a newspaper or any other magazine, and you don’t use Adobe PageMaker software, you are really wasting your time on that newspaper or magazine and I advice you give up working there because If your administrator is notified about any software such as PageMaker! Then he will not be kind to you!! And of course he will expel you from your office! But if you want to stay at that newspaper and do the pagination of that newspaper, just buy the adobe collection CD and only install the software named ADOBE PAGEMAKER 7.00!
This software can change your designing world and enhance your newspaper pagination unbelievably!
This software has many abilities and Advantages. Its column Guide and rulers help you more than any other software to manage the sizes, even better than QuarkXpress.
When you place a text on the page, you can easily move it from one place to other place. it is so great that is possible in less than seconds. You can change column sizes and numbers easily from 2 to 20! The ability of work with pictures is so great and unexpected. And the advantages of text editing are unbelievable, too! You can make texts negative, elastic! Big, small, change the fonts, italic, bold, bold very much and many other features. Also text shadowing and embossing is allowed. The filling effects of shapes also are so delightful. You can fill each rectangle with various effects and get them dotted, dashed or solid strokes. You can reverse and rotate the pictures anyway. Right, left, up and down. in the other hand it has a great connection with adobe Photoshop in each version, for example if you place a picture on the page, you can affect Photoshop effects on it directly without opening Photoshop and redoing the filter and effect.
In fact, this is one of the greatest softwares of the adobe cooperation that could help designers and pagemakers to improve their work easily!

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