Sunday, September 24, 2006

Anousheh would not become an American !

Anousheh Ansari is the first Iranian person and the first woman of the world who made a 10-days travel to spatial station, so he would be called as the first Iranian astronaut and the first spacewoman of the world who voyaged to space for touristy purposes.
Anousheh born in Mashhad, the most important religious city of Iran that is famous around the world because of Imam Reza Shrine, the 8th Imam of world shieas. After the victory of Islamic revolution in 1979, her family decided to emigrate and finally they fulfilled their decision, so Anousheh left Iran when she was 18, also her English knowledge was not so enough to solve her personal problems, but now, it is near 22 years that Anousheh and her husband (Hamid) are living in US near their family.
At first, Anousheh Ansari was a common backup for Japanese Daisuke Enomoto who was selected for a Soyuz flight to International space station, but after the suddenly failure of Japanese woman for the medial tests and examination, Ansari was elevated as the prime and chief crew of spaceship.
Ansari’s spacesuit was a combination of Iran’s flag that was been registered as the official Islamic Republic of Iran’s flag on his right arm and the US flag on his left arm. Iran as her motherland and US as his early home in last years.
After the expire of Qajar dynasty’s influence and government on Iran, the tree-color flag of Iran containing a green bar at top, the white bar at middle and the red one at bottom of flag was the formal flag. After Islamic revolution leading by Imam Khomeini, the Kufi language lines including the statement of “Allahu Akbar, Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah” (Translation: The God is too great to be described, there is not any God except Allah) was added to flag that you can find these lines on the bottom of green bar with a with font and top of red bar with the same condition, also witnessed on the flag pasted on Anousheh’s suit. Also after the Islamic revolution, the typographical model of word “Allah” was also been added to the middle of white space between two color bars of flag that it is not at Anousheh’s flag.
By the frequent pressures and negative advertisement of Russia and US governments, Anousheh was forced to remove the Iranian flag from his spacesuit, the radices of this ideational divide between Iran and US also returns to the Islamic revolution and recently nuclear struggles between Iran and European Union.
But at the other hand, Anousheh carried a Holy Quran (The holy book of Muslims) out with herself to the space, reported Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) a few days ago.
This was the first space tourism experience for an Iranian and for a woman, so whole the story had its special critics, but visiting the orbit and flying through the galaxy was a childhood and unreachable wish for Mrs. Ansari and she thinks that now that there is an appropriate opportunity for a memorable and historical travel and the conditions are entirely suitable, we must use it to show the power of women and their talents to third-world and Middle Eastern countries specially Arabic government that bias against woman is approximately traditional among them!
Anousheh is so honorable and proud about this space journey, She flight via Soyuz TMA-9 capsule from Kazakhstan’s Baiknour Cosmodrome.16 September 2006, Ansari was on a telephonic interview with Night Sky TV program in Islamic Republic of Iran 4th channel and announced that she is honorable because of her nationality and also she thanks because of cheerful congratulation behalf Iranian all around the world and she wished that her journey as an Iranian woman cosmonaut, would be inspirable to all people around the world specially her compatriot women and girls.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, something doesn't match.
Islam is hatefull and extremely Chauvinist towards women. All the Veil stuff and the permission to hit women, starve them to death, claims of their defectiveness etc, show exactly what the Islamic " Republic's " attitude towards women. As far as I know, this is an ordinary Persian Women. which means a highly educated one, and if she moved to the US, she was probably having some sort of connection to the Sha's regime.
However, if she is an indpendent woman, why did she chose to carry the symbol of today's Sexism?
I think Kourosh, that this is probably some sort of your government's propaganda. It makes no sense to me. And by the way, if it is correct, I'd say that the NASA had done correctly with taking Iran's flag off her. If she uses an American Spaceship, she shouldn't bear the symbol of the greatest enemy of the Free World, which the US resembles.
Best Regards from Israel, and Shana Tova, even though your year hadn't started yet, for both Christians and Muslims who read this comment.

Amir said...

I am not sure if you are completely brainwashed, or you choose to say the nonsense that you say.

The flag of a country called "Iran" has never been just three-colors. Jenab aali, baa shaahaamate tamaam (june ammat) jump from the Qajars to the Islamic Fascists. The Qajar flag has a Lion and Sun, as did the Flag of "Iran" which is a country the Pahlavis made... something you completely left out. There has never been a country called Iran without the Lion and Sun insignia. There has however been a country called Islamic Republic with an Onion in the middle of the flag and some Arabic writing on it.

I am very sad to see the degree of brainwashing that is going on in this so-called republic.

نیکی said...

congratulations on your blog, and dont listen to people who try to discourage you.

If you are an iranian writing a blog in english, you will face lots of people who will accuse you of being "brainwashed" just because you don't say exactly what they want to hear. And these are the same people who go around preaching to everyone about freedom of speech, but if you try to excercise that freedom, then they start with the insults and accusations.

well, that is all i want to say for now. Just wanted to welcome you and say congratulations, and I hope you will keep writing.

good luck,

Anonymous said...