Saturday, September 02, 2006

Do you geocities?!!

Many Yahoo users say that is the best place to moderate and maintain your personal website on it. Perhaps they are right and is one of the best free hosting providers. Geocities offers you many features and takes lots of advantages to youBut you have not to forget the huge mass of its administration problems...At the first step you have to only sign up for a geocities account but if you have already a yahoo account, then no need to sign up for another account, just login with your yahoo ID, and for example if your ID is smith, then your site would be accessible at Now you are entered into the great world of website administrators and can manage your site. Geocities that is one of yahoo's departments provide you with great tools like hit counter, Guidebook, mailing list and many other abilities. But managing a website with these current TOS situations and terms of services is not a simple operation. When you are signing up for yahoo geocities, you will see a big text box that contains much information. Maybe you will think that they are kidding you. But they are very serious in their work and they cannot mock their users! Because yahoo is one the biggest web portals that is working and serving people all around the world. They are right and look for their TOS seriously. But when you are using the free service of geocities not premium or any other paid services, they have not any responsibility again your website content!They get high importance to political and diplomatic based rights. Pay attention that don't write articles or don't place news about political issues on your web! they will close your yahoo account and will close and deactivate your website. But at all, we can call one of the best web servers and free space providers, although the lack of content freedom! There are many fields that you can pay them... but not politics!

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