Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Injustice and Unequality in Wikipedia !!

A few days ago, I added my curriculum viate and autobiography, to Wikipedia. Here I paste you the text that I have entered:

Kourosh Ziabari born in 1991, known as the World's youngest journalist, blogger and freelance writer, who is the first Iranian member of IFJ lives in Rasht, one of Iran's northern parts. He is the only Persian teenager journalist who writes for the most authenticated Iranian journals such as E'temaad Melli daily newspaper, Jame Jam Daily newspaper, Web Monthly magazine, DailyKos and many other websites, magazines and newspapers around the world. Also his articles has been published on the early closed Shargh Newspaper
He was selected as the world's youngest journalist in the Association of Young Journalists and Writers in year 2005. He has had more than 1100 articles published in Iranian magazines and newspapers on these topics:

Children and youth society issues
Cinema and TV
Iran issues
IT, Internet and weblogs
Culture and literature

He is moderating his Personal Website since 2002 and officially writing on his Persian Blog for one year.Also he is updating his English Blog frequently. He is conversant in five world live languages containing English, German, Italian and Arabic. Kourosh is also a web and graphic designer and designs for persian web portals and magazines.

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after 4 or 5 hours, I found that they established a deletion vote for my page among themselves. Unfortunately, they used a very insulting language, and I am so sorry to express my worst feeling about their reasonalities, impoliteness and dirty languages... I reported vandalism to the moderators and admins, but there was not any solution. until I wrote this informal open letter to all managers of Wikipedia, free encyclopedia:

I cannot really understand the reasons of such angry and unfair treatments with myself. I thought that the administrators of Wikipedia would be more logical than this because after any movement done by myself, it occurs a great wave of grudge, angriness and pessimism against me, and I don’t know that for what sin, I am being punished. I am a Persian blogger like Mehdi Jami and the others who are being listed on Wikipedia. I told many times that being conversant in some world languages is not any honor, I told that publishing even 1000 articles is not any honor or prosperity… but I want to be treated like others, why you count all my quotes as vandalism, as impoliteness… Must I be punished and chastened because of my age? My nationality? My weak language knowledge? I don't know how you can claim that there is another recorder of world's youngest journalist title. I have lots of letters from IFJ president that I cannot provide them anywhere...All of your efforts about me is to accept that I am not the world's youngest journalist who started his work when he was 8... ok! Accept... I don't know... I am sure that you will remove my page at last... but why? Also I am very sorry for my compatriots who treat me like a terrorist! All people are searching and studying my works to find a mistake. Ok? But why? Why on this way?


Anonymous said...

"ديشب يكي از اديتورهاي ويكي‌پديا خبر داد كه صفحه‌ي من را به ويكي انگليسي اضافه كرده است و سپرده‌اند تا اگر يكي از اديتورهاي Persian Biographical Stub پيدا بشود، ترجمه‌اش به فارسي را هم انجام بدهند."

Haha! in your Persian blog u wrote:
"Yesterday one of the wikipedia editors told me he added my page to wikipedia and looking for a Persian person to translate it to Farsi..."

And now here u wrote:
"A few days ago, I added my curriculum viate and autobiography, to Wikipedia. "

Haha! you r totally crazy baby!
made my day!!

mardetanha said...

don't worry. now the page is locked so no one can change anything

Anonymous said...

Are you OK man? what are you doing? I didn't see such a intelligent guy like you in whole of my life that use all of his energy for promoting himself! take it easy...

Anonymous said...

didn't you say before that you are fluent in English and "many" other languages? Then how you're talking of your "weak language knowledge?" And, didn't you say one of Wikipedia's editors has added your page? Did you mean that Wikipedia editor is yourself? Or maybe you consider anybody who clicks on the [edit] link in Wikipedia pages an editor?

I like your blog, to me it is my daily dose of a baby's jokes. Keep on writing your blog please.

aliyousefi said...

hi young man. how de..? i have already noticed about your english weblog . that's great . it sounds your english knowledge is so so. good to some extent . you can come and see our weblog . it is not containing fully english language wrriten texts but it is english in some ways !!!!

good luck pal