Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Iran would be damaged !

Muhammad Ali Rajaee was the first non-clergy president of Iran after the Islamic revolution. Many politicians remember his famous act in the general annual congress of United Nations before his lecture to be started.
He put off his blouse and tucked up the trousers to show the audience and media reporters the reminders of tortures that he endured in prisons and jails of Shah’s regime.
That was calling for a new way in the 2-way connections of newly Islamic republic and United States.
After Shah’s overthrow and the destruction of Iranian 2500 years kingdom monarchy, the relations between Iran, went darker until the complete disconnection between countries has been established and all political deals of two great powers of world on that time was stopped, also US imposed very intense and great boycotts and prohibitions to Iran and damaged us very much. Iran was forced to buy old and unusual Russian Topolov planes; Iran was forced to provide its necessary agricultural products itself and Iran was forced to engage in any industrial technology without the assistance of European and American countries.
After two decades of Islamic Revolution by the leadership of Imam Khomeini, Sayyed Muhammad Khatami became the 5th president of Iran. His main standard was to reach an Islamic Utopia, so he started to accomplish social reforms… He was the first proclaimer of starting the news season of relations between Iran and US, but he did not succeed.
After Khatami, Ahmadinejad become the second non-clergy president of Iran after 1979’s revolution. His thesis was to establish peaceful and bloodless deals with US without any political struggles in diplomatic ways. So after a few months of his presidency, he wrote a long letter to George Walker Bush, the US president. Ahmadinejad talked about many subjects in his mail that was delivered by the Switzerland embassy on Iran, the US profits protector in Iran but Bush never answered that letter although he announced its reception!
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called this as an insulting diplomatic treatment and expressed that this is not respectful and suitable for the president of a great country like America…
Now that the nuclear issue of Iran is to be more complicated than ever and Iran feels the need to America’s help for solving all the problems on its clamorous nuclear dossier especially in Security Council, it seems that US is not so interested to be reconnected with Iran like before, and it is obvious because of the repeatedly lengthened prohibitions by white house. So the serious critics of relations between Iran and US can make sure about the issue, because after the expression of America’s interest about rebuilding the former hostile relations by Bush and the official refuse of Iran that announced by media, the procedure of deals have been changed absolutely. Also the unanswered 18-pages letter of Ahmadinejad to Bush discussing some religious and moral instructions from A Muslim president to a Catholic one! Is another reason for Iran to be angrier and forget the topic at all!


Proud Jew said...

There's no argument about the fact that the Sha was a dictator.
However, calling Iran peacefull is a big lie. Iran give weapon for Shiites and Sunnis to slaughter each other in Iraq. Iran gives money and supply to many Shiite terrorists.
And regarding to mr. Ahmadinejad, I would say, that due to what's written in this letter, GWB made the exact reply. It was full of Antisemitism.
Kourosh, I think you are completely brainwashed. Calling Iran peacefull, in this day, when she builds Nuclear Weapons, and stockpiles loads of WMD, is being hypocrite. I hope that Bush or Israel will strike Iran, destroy her Nuclear Facilities, and send the Mullahs exactly to where they belong - to hell.

Proud Jew said...

This is unbelievable. Mr Ahmadinejad sent a letter in order to convince the US to commit a Genocide upon the Jews, not mentioning the rest of the Islamic nonesense written in there, and you claim it is hypocrite. I hope the US will strike Iran.

David said...

Hello Kourosh,

After reading your comment at my blog, I was interested to visit yours. My first impression is that your skill with English language is better than you seem to think. I have no difficulty understanding your writing.

You are the first Iranian who has told me that my blog is being filtered in Iran! I did not know that the Iranian government thinks that I have such a dangerous mind. ;) Actually, in my main blog, I never talk about politics, but I have a second blog (which I have neglected for the past few months) which is dedicated to political topics, including a couple of posts about Iranian social issues.

The issue of Iranian/U.S. relations which you discuss in this post is important and complex. I do not speak for all Americans, but in my opinion, Iran has the legal right to develop a nuclear program for energy production. Personally, I do not care if Iran has nuclear weapons because I do not think that the leaders of Iran would be so stupid as to give them to terrorists. However, I am certain that my perspective on that matter is not shared by most people in America. I hope that there will be high level talks between the U.S. government and the Iranian government that will lead to a decrease in the current tensions.

I congratulate you on being a successful journalist at such a young age! I am sure that you will have a promising future. Would you like to come to the U.S. to study journalism?

Proud Jew said...

David, I have to say that as an Israeli, Iranian Nukes is a thing to worry about.
Just remember, that what they consider as legitimate targets aren't their holy places, and as Iran will haste her progress, she will build weapons whom are capable of striking the US.