Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shargh Has been Closed!!

1- Unfortunately these days I was not able to update my English blog, although I updated my Persian blog frequently, even twice a day and it was a real record in my blogging times. Also these days I am busy designing some logos and posters for the honor of national day of Persian literature and culture. I have to add that one of my best friends, Miss. Marzieh Jalili who is the daughter of former “Iran Daily Newspaper” editor of Philosophy and culture service, helped me on the field of cogitative and ideational design of this graphic elements.
2-I don’t know ever you heard about the “Zarjoub” (Means Golden river in Persian) and “Gohar-roud” (Brilliant River in Persian), the most contaminated and polluted river of the world. This river is being flowed all over the Rasht town (Center of Guilan Province, the place which we live in at northern Iran) with the length of 55 kilometers, but it hasn’t been registered as a global record in the “Guinness World Records Book” because of some political reasons caused by the historical conflicts between Islamic Republic and US government.
3- I forgot to tell you about my latest activities on the media circle. Two last weeks I was one the live TV interview with first national channel of Islamic Republic broadcasting, also I added my English articles to DailyKos magazine and wrote some ones for Roozna and Jame Jam newspaper. But I will remember to tell you about the bad luck and injustice suspend of Shargh Daily Newspaper and the arrestment of its personnel… Now about a group including 300 employers of this magazine are workless! I don’t know exactly what to say… Shargh was belonging to the bright-minded and intellectual layer of society… I am sorry! That’s the last statement that remains to express.

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