Monday, October 16, 2006

Back to school again!

the season of schools is started now and the inception of new educational year in Iran, synchronized with the special message of Dr. Ahmadinejad, Iranian president for students and pupils of Persia.I have to add that I am studying at the 3rd year of Mathematic-Physics college and the next year, I must prepare myself to contribute in a scientific competition, named “Conquer” in Iran that yearly there are involving more than 2 million students in it, and less than 200 thousandth of them would be accepted to qualify for universities. This competition is named “National Conquer” and the failed students can test their chance again by waiting one year and contributing again. In the other word, after taking the diploma and finishing the high school, each student has two chances to continue his studies in a university, If the failure resists again, the student have to be employed in one of military services, he is free to choose between intelligence services, air force, earth force, sea force, disciplinary office or margrave special guard. Girl students are exempted from this law in Iran, lets remember that the whole period of serving in military forces will took at least 2 years long if the duty has not to be afflicted in overtime privation because of infracting the orders and directions.

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David said...

Good luck with your school work as you begin the new season! I did not know that all Iranian young men faced two years of military service if they are not accepted for university studies. It sounds like a good motivation for you to study hard!