Saturday, October 21, 2006

Do not use Internet! That is forbidden!

It was for the first time that Iranians heard the name of “Regulation of radio and communicative provisions” that presented itself by approving a new sanction that forbids the access to 128 Kbps internet connection for general, personal or household purposes.
By the ratification of newly accomplished law, only governmental organizations and first-degree citizens would be free to use this type of internet using various type connections such as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or satellite internet and non-governmental organizations, companies, personal or family corporations and also the newspaper offices would be restricted to use this high speed types of internet.
Officially, it is less than 2 years that this type of Internet is imported to Iran and PAPs (Private Access Providers) are to offer high speed Internets with unbelievable expenditures, cause the monthly account of ADSL connection, costs about 800 dollars for each user and this amount is truly less than monthly incoming and salary of a normal citizen.
Also the Internet Service Providers of Iran are unable to provide the users with the exact 56Kbps dial-up connections and in addition to the high users traffic of regional parts in different cities, the average speed of dial-up and telephony connection via the best types of external 56k modems is an integer between 21,600 kbps to at most 33,600 kbps.
In the other word the availability of multimedia items containing online music, films, fast data transmission or high speed downloads is impossible due to the continuous disconnects, old and worn out structure and fiber noises caused by the cupreous dual cables used in the foundation of these traditional telephone lines. So these troubles, do not allow you to experience a convenient and comfort connection so you must carry all the problems out to yourself and be deprived from the even connections being used in some neighbor countries such as Afghanistan!!
Beside all the problems, you have not to forget the distance dimensions. With regard that there are not more than one ADSL supporter in most of Iran cities and if we remember that the ADSL providers are not able to serve the users that are far from central station to more than 5 kilometers, we can get the result that the situation of high speed internet in Iran, seems to be a real disease rather than a bitter reality!
It is more than 10 years that developed countries are using ADSL and the Wireless technology is replacing very soon but in a few countries such as Iran that claims to be the polarity of technology in middle east, ADSL is like a dream for most of professional users and commercial organizations. So practically the executive process of plans such as E-government, E-Police, E-university and E-commerce is impossible in Iran.
The new registered law is also adding our pains and lets express honestly that the future of information and communication technology in Iran, is likely to be so blurred and dark than it seems…


David said...

Kourosh, I am a little confused. Is the government trying to ban all internet in Iran or just high speed internet access?

Many Americans have high speed access, but I am still using the old dial-up or 56 kbps access. It seems that my connection is often no faster than 33.6 kbps also! I pay about $18 per month for the slow connection. I think that high speed costs about $40 per month here. Well, I am not a rich man, so I make do.

Proud Jew said...

Just for my knowledge, since when Iran became the " polarity of technology " in the Middle East?
As far as I know, Israel is far more advanced than Iran on this matter, even though I have to admitt that within the Islamic World, Iran is the polarity of Technology.

Anonymous said...

Please, if persons are restricted, how can they possibly reach out?

Anonymous said...

(to proud jew ) no my dear friend is not as you think iran is not the polarity of technology in the islamic world there are so many others for example turkey