Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Persian Mullahs and Blogging !

It is about less than a month that “Persian youth religious dialogue website” has started to work and due to the scanty experience of its developers and agents, the website has not enough users and visitors yet.
“Asemanian.com” (Means the inhabitants of sky) is being moderated by 12 young Islamic clergies those are professional Internet users and you can find them at yahoo messenger even at the latest hours of night, online chatting with people.
Generally, most of Persian clergies who study the jurisprudence lessons in the traditional religious sciences schools named “Hawza” are strange with high techs and can’t use the international computing networks or don’t know the methods of Internet usage and most of their knowledge is limited to the Islamic laws, canons and ordinances.
Also the ideational structure of these clergies and the particular type of their clothing would made it funny to common people if they use Internet and computer for various purposes, also the sociological aspects of Persian studies show that the exceptions of Iranian people from such religious personalities are bounded to the correct accomplishment of religious and theological precepts and duties in addition with the suitable advertisement for the encouragement of people to their religion and God. And cause that almost all of Islamic clergies and Mullahs would spend their time in mosques and lecturing for the audience about religious issues, so their connection to Internet and chatting with common people seems to be a little wonderful and unnatural.
Likewise, there is a class distinction between the ordinary people and the clergies those are counted as the intellectual layer of society so it is difficult for people to feel free if they want to contact a clergy or theological seminarian and talk about anything or express their idea without any disturbance and worry. Maybe one of the reasons is that they scare to be accused about any sin or fault.
Now it is about 1 year that this old frontiers are being removed and there is a friendly connection between Persian youth society and religious tutors. For example the Persian religious blogging enhancement bureau is working hard to spread the culture of religious blogging by Mullahs and expand their usage amount of technological tools and productions such as computer and Internet.
Also the theological schools made it mandatory for their students to pass the terms of basic computer operating lessons and the ways of managing a weblog!
For example, now the former senior presidential participant, Muhammad Ali Abathi manages one of the most popular and top-visited Persian weblogs.


shahin said...

Asemaniha!!!!? lol

David said...

I have visited the weblog of Muhammad Ali Abathi occasionally in the past several years. He seems to be a thoughtful man who does not entirely approve of the way in which Iran is governed.

You have reported on the young mullahs in training learning to use the internet, but you have not really commented on what you think of this. Is it good or bad for the future of internet freedom in Iran? Do you think it is possible that these young religious students are learning to be part of the censorship of the internet in Iran? I understand if you are hesitant to answer these questions. I don't want you to get into any trouble.