Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Who is the righ successor?

All we know that the duration of Kufi Anan’s presidency as the United Nations Secretary General will be ended within a few weeks and its about many days that the members of security council, started their deliberations and consultations to choose between the Asian candidates for this 5-year term.
Beside the political and diplomatic situations, UNSG has a continental ration and Asians are the shareholders of this turn.
Now the former Korean republic foreign affairs minister is called as the first chance of being the first Kufi Anan’s successor, after the informal poll among 5 members of Security Council who will make the last decision about the entire post.
62 years old Korean Ban Ki Moon is taking from the Indian Shashi Tharoor lead and going ahead of him. Tharoor was the former vice-president of United Nations Secretary General in communication and public relations who is losing his last chances against the rivals. Although Ashraf Ghani as the former finance minister of Afghanistan owns the third place in the unofficial plebiscites and votes among Security Council members, but he is the most serious opponent of Korean Ban Ki Moon who is being supported by the US congress and American government, especially George W. Bush is protecting him personally and the politician theory-makers believe in his undoubted selection because of the congress pressures and it seems that the main competition would be launched between Korea Republic and recently freed Afghanistan.
But the world press has reported that Korean fellow is irresolute and uncertain about the final votes, talked waveringly about the whole story after his presence in the general symposium of UN, denying the informal prejudges and foresights and waiting for the ending results.
But in the other hand, it is so considered that the explicit supports and defenses from the Korean minister, accomplished by the US president that also results to the unpleased interferences of him, will be a real threat for the health and correctness of UNSG selection’s process because these meddling are also combined with the extra force and intimidation to the SC members in addition with alluring them, and this would take the security council members such as China, Russia, France a and United Kingdom under compelling circumstances because most of their political and economical advantages and benefits is related to the willingness of state.
Not having any retributive past record, being conversant in at least 3 world live languages and gathering the maximum number of token votes are the most important distinctions and concessions of the secretary general. The nominees will be appointed and voted by the general assembly and by the recommendations and encourages of Security Council.
The first United Nations secretary general was Sir Gladwyn Jebb from United Kingdom from 1945 to 1946, but after his suddenly death, Trygve Halvdan Lie from Norway was selected. Lie resigned after seven years of strive and effort and gave his place to Swedish Dag Hammarskjold who Died in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia (currently Zambia).
Also U Thant was the first Asian Secretary General from 1961 to 1971. He had the opportunity to take the place for his third 5-year term, but gave up due to the personal reasons. After him, the Austrian Kurt Waldheim became in charge with the UN affairs, but Chinese vetoed him for the third 5-year period. Peruvian Javier Pérez de Cuéllar was the fifth officer of general secretariat. Finally Kufi Anan was been chosen after Egyptian Boutros Boutros Ghali since 1997 and now it is the time for the Asian men to test their chance!
About 15 countries are hardly trying to specify the Anan’s successor after conducting straw polls. So it is approximately distinguished that Korean Moon is the terminating choice, but there is the question here. Is it clear that he could be even the most appropriate and suitable selection and the right manager needed for the post?


Proud Jew said...

Oh gees. why canwt we just abolish the UN?
It is of no use any way. This organization has a value of zero.

David said...

This is an interesting post. The American news media has not really been discussing the issue of who will succeed Anan as the leader of the UN. I did not know that a man from South Korea was considered the front runner for the position. I have known a number South Korean people, and have been good friends with two men from there. I even visited South Korea a number of years ago at the invitation of one of my friends. It is a fascinating country! The people there were so friendly to me and I loved the food. Well, I know that the politics in South Korea can be very heated at times. They are a very passionate people! So, I am not surprised that they could produce a politician who might become the next leader of the UN.