Monday, November 27, 2006

10 questions to be answered by Anoushe Ansari

1- You are the first Iranian astronaut and the first woman space-voyager of the world who stepped into the international spatial station, so let’s congratulate for this great honor that you made for human society and particularly Persian fellow citizens.
Please explain a little about the missions that you accomplished within your 10-days travel, and tell us whether this trip was an entertaining and junket one or did you follow any scientific purposes on it?

2- At first, Anousheh Ansari was a backup for Japanese Daisuke Enomoto who was selected for a Soyuz flight to International space station, but after the suddenly failure of Japanese woman for the medial tests and examination, you were elevated as the prime and chief crew of spaceship. What was the reflection of your Japanese friend? How did you try to condole and courage her, in the other hand, how did you solve the enormous paradox that engaged you? The indescribable happiness and cheers for this great prosperity in addition with the special mental disorders and depressions that your friend is getting involved in?

3- Dear Mrs. Ansari, I have a question in my mind and that is about your global record. The international media, call you as the first woman cosmonaut of the world. Did you any activities to register this, as a world record in the Guinness Records book or isn’t it so important for you to save it as one of your personal glories?

4- Dear Anousheh, you born in Mashhad, the most important religious city of Iran that is famous around the world because of Imam Reza Shrine, the 8th Imam of world shieas. After the victory of Islamic revolution in 1979, your family decided to emigrate and finally they fulfilled their decision, so you left Iran at 18, also I heard that English knowledge was not so enough to solve your personal problems, but now, it is near 22 years that you and Hamid are living in US near their family, kilometers far from Iran. Is enduring this distances difficult to you or are you getting used to it? Also please tell me about your exact feeling because of being a Mashhadian?

5- Mrs. Ansari, you are the first Iranian person who stepped into space. Most of your critics they are almost Iranian and living indoors, believe that 20 Million dollars was a great amount of money that you spent for that journey and it was so approvable if you used that money to help and assist the Persian orphan children, wayfarers, poor and needy people or dedicate it for charity NGOs. In the other hand, traveling to space was your oldest wish of childhood… How do you compare this ideas and what you think about that?

6- After the expire of Qajar dynasty’s influence and government on Iran, the tree-color flag of Iran containing a green bar at top, the white bar at middle and the red one at bottom of flag was the formal flag. After Islamic revolution leading by Imam Khomeini, the Kufi language lines including the statement of “Allahu Akbar, Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah” (Translation: The God is too great to be described, there is not any God except Allah) was added to flag that you can find these lines on the bottom of green bar with a with font and top of red bar with the same condition, also witnessed on the flag pasted on your suit. Also after the Islamic revolution, the typographical model of word “Allah” was also been added to the middle of white space between two color bars of flag that it is not at Anousheh’s flag.
By the frequent pressures and negative advertisement of Russia and US governments, you were forced to remove the Iranian flag from your spacesuit, the radices of this ideational divide between Iran and US also returns to the Islamic revolution and recently nuclear struggles between Iran and European Union.
You told that you are not interested to involve in such political games, but anyhow, this act was political in potent. What is your idea?

7- Dear HAMVATAN! You carried a Holy Quran (The holy book of Muslims) out with yourself to the space, reported Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) a few days ago. Actually, was this your personal interest and inclination or did you do it after persists that your friends made and for the sake of Islamic Republic government?
And please tell us whether you felt the moral expressions and effects of this theological companion? In the other world what was your basic stimulant for this conclusion?

8- in US, you have the best propitious and appropriate conditions for scientific, technological and economic-related enhancement, growth and progress. So it is obvious that you would never choose the Iran to live. But, what is your suggestion for Iran to join the caravan of global extension and development in specialized categories of science such as Nanotechonology, Atomic Energy, Information and communication technology and so on…? And how do you think about the future of Iran in competition with its great opponents to reach the mountains of diligence and enhancement?

9- you were at the highest and loftiest possible zeniths of entire galaxy and universe. You witnessed many truths and objects that we are even unable to apprehend them accurately. After reaching that summits, what was your first imagination about this new world that less people around the world are succeed to see it from the nearest angels, and what was your new visualization about the God? What are the differences between thinking about God from earth and in the space?

10- when we are living at the surface of our earth, we think that there would not exist any larger world than ours. Like the ant who counts his formicary as the whole world, but when he leaves his nest, perhaps he understands the truth of life at the moment… at the first moments that you entered the spatial station, what did you think about the abjectness and insignificance of humankind, people, personals and the earth in compare with the endless galaxy? And what did you think specially about the creatures, the infinite power of Lord and the eternal existence of creator?

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