Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blogfa and great disaster

It is about 2 years that Blogfa is known as one of the greatest and most popular Persian blog services and seems that it owns the most of Persian users around the world. The high capabilities and features that Blogfa is providing could help it to get most of services out. But it is more than 2 months that Blogfa is encountering so unbearable problems and making the users troubled. Frequent noises, Disconnections and the repeated downing of site's services are disturbing hundreds of Blogfa users. Now as Persian bloggers and Blogfa users, we desire you to solve the problems and stop this condition to protect our weblog against security threats or the danger of probably deletion of content due to the experience and history of weblogs those are being moderated through Blogfa. Anyway, you are responsible for your services and now after a long period of usage, the Blogfa users are not comfort with the entire service.

sign the petition and help us get rid of the disaster

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David said...

Is Blogfa headquartered inside Iran or in another country?