Monday, November 06, 2006

Quranic Carpet-Board Woven after 7 Thousand Hours

Quranic Carpet-Board Woven after 7 Thousand Hours

A Quranic Carpet-board was woven by an Iranian UNESCO medal winner after 7 thousand hours of working.

Mohammad Mohammadi, Iranian artist who weaves invaluable carpets concerning Quranic subjects, has woven a two-sided Quranic carpet after 7 thousand working hour.

Pointing to his aim in doing the work, he asserted "an internal call has motivated me to weave Quranic carpets. God has created us and named us as the best of creatures. Now, this is our turn to present us to the world and prove our capabilities. This thought was in my mind for some time and provoked me in weaving Quranic carpets. I have woven 8 Quranic carpets till now and my final work is dedicated to our holy Prophet.

Further in his remarks, he added that although I have not received financial supports from the high ranking officials, I hope to be able to continue weaving carpets.

It needs to be mentioned that Mohammadi is the first winner of Avicenna medal of UNESCO. He dedicated one of his Carpet-boards to the UNESCO general director four years ago.

Translated from my last Persian report

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