Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The underwater world...

About 5 million pieces of breed fishes will be released in local floodgates, lakes and the Manjil dam, said the managing director of Iran’s fishery cooperation in the emancipation of 20,000 pieces of small fries behind the Manjil dam’s festival: The fishery institute of Iran has decided to release more than 5 million pieces of gudgeon in behind of Manjil dam and the local lakes of Guilan state.
Stipulating these 5 million pieces were being produced in the Guilan’s pisciculture and multiplication centers of fishery stocks, Nezami added that getting aid to the fruition, occupation and income increasing system of fishermen is one of the main goals for this overcrowded amount of gudgeon’s deliverance. Mohammadi the director general of Guilan’s fishery institute also noticed about the readiness and mobilization of the pisciculture and multiplication centers of fishery stocks in the province to perform the new government’s decisions for the field of pisciculture affairs.

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David said...

The release of fish into the lake will undoubtedly be of benefit to fishermen and Iranians who enjoy a fish dinner. There are many large artificial lakes in the U.S. that are also good sources of fish.

Sometime last year, I learned about Iran's program to build many large dams to generate hydroelectric power. The article interviewed some famous archeologists who were quite dismayed at the speed of the program. They were certain that many of these valleys to be filled with water contained important ancient artifacts from Iran's 6000 years of civilization. I thought it was a terrible shame that so much of Iran's great heritage would be drowned under deep water.