Saturday, December 09, 2006

Asian Games, Doha 2006 - Part 1

Nowadays, all of Asian and non-Asian people are hearing about the 15th Asian games being followed in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
Maybe you are informed that Qatar was not an independent country at first, but one of the numerous provinces of Ancient Iran. Also the smallest one! But, that is not the matter that whether Qatar is visible on the world’s map or not, the matter is that now Qatar is being converted into one of the world’s most enhanced countries. A country with less than 50 years of independence that is hosting the 15th Asian games in the best situation.
After the separation of Qatar from Iran in the age of Qajar Empire, they became one of the British colonies, but after diminishing the power of Britain influence during the Second World War, these Arabs became the greatest enemies of Iran, beside Kuwait, Iraq and other Arab countries because of the political directions of Persian Shah. They made great efforts to change the real name of Persian Gulf to the fictitious name of A-r-a-b-I-a-n gulf.
But about the Asian games. With the unbelievable cooperation of European and Australian experts and specialists, that causes the audiences to call the games as European games with the hospitality of Australia like the Sidney 2000 Olympics, Qatar was succeed to be a prosper and hopeful host for the games.
They dedicated more than 16 great sport complexes containing more than 100 gymnasiums to these games. The games are running in 35 fields and about 10,000 athletes are taking place there.
The Doha 2006 Torch Relay was the longest relay in the history of Games; traveling over 50,000 kilometers to 15 countries and regions in more than 50 days.
Wayne Harrison. Mark Thompson and some other Australian supervisors were the managing directors of opening ceremony creative team, and the observers and spectators confessed that the quality of opening ceremony, Media and TV coverage and the hospitality of games was as the same of Sydney 2000 Olympic games.
Arabic hosts divided their partners into 3 groups. Prestige partners, official partners and official suppliers. In the other word, they have not anything themselves to provide, just getting aid and help from the close friends! Five star lunch and dinner options, soft beverage package, full access to Asia suite lounge and international area in addition to Parking Pass per table of ten for exclusive parking in the Sponsor Hospitality Village parking are the exclusive entertained services, offered by Qatar for the games.
There are many things to say about the games. So lets to finish the first part of my declarations for the Asian games here, I will write more about the funds, official Mascot, the formal slogan and the other interesting facts and realities about the games.


Anonymous said...

What about the question ... is Asian Games for PUBLIC? i had a conversation with the security at the basketball venue early last week. this guy was claiming that Asian Games is not for public viewing. He said "This is not for public viewing, what is that 5 Qatari Riyal that you pay for?" ... the main issue was, i was carrying my Nikon DSLR with a 70-200mm. After this guy Lorenzo Gentile looked at it. He just simple said that cameras are not allowed inside the venue. But I looked around inside the hall of the venue, there guys having their point and shoot cameras or lets say consumer cameras. I asked Lorenzo that what is the difference of getting the photos with the point and shoot compared to the DSLR. He did not answer but instead he was telling that it is in the policy of the asian games that Cameras are not allowed. Then that he's venue manager supported him.

David said...

The Asian Games in Doha sound like a very big extravaganza! So, how are the Iranian athletes doing?

Btw, I left a comment for your post about Anoushe Ansari, but it has not been posted. Did you receive my comment?

Anonymous said...

The Asian Games was useless. No crowds, no atmosphere, no locals in attendance, hopeless volunteers, chaotic transport, 7 athletes in the women marathon.... All Doha proved was that money can't buy quality or legacy. Come to Doha now, and you'd never know the games had happened

Anonymous said...

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