Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Asian Games, Doha 2006 - Part 2

About 4 days ago, the 15th Asian Games in Doha has been expired gloriously with a wonderful and memorable closing ceremony done by an Australian firework supervising team where the most gifted and professional firework managers who have been holding the opening ceremony of Olympic games of 8 years ago in Australia, used to celebrate the end of games by a fitting farewell.
In compare with the last Asian Games proceed in Busan – South Korea, our expedition caravan, aimed to achieve a 4 steps enhancement and reached the 6th place of Asia after Republic of China, South Korea, Kazakhstan and Thailand.
In these games, Iran prospered to collect totally 48 medals containing 11 Gold, 15 silver and 22 Bronze that was a real progress in compare with the last period in Busan that Iran gathered 33 medals totally and stood in the 10th place.
The games were carried in the 3 sections on including the men Games, women games and the mixed games. Unfortunately the men have collected all of Persian side’s medals excluding just 2 bronze medals of Taekwando and Iran’s portion from the summation of about 850 women medals was just 2 bronze gathered by the sister of Hadi Saee, former Olympics champion and her teammate.
Also maybe you know that there are about 360 medals being shared in various and different athletics disciplines but Iran was only succeed to collect two medals from men’s 800 meters and discus throw. Accordingly, you are informed that China’s prosperity over the quota was about 100 medals from athletics.
In the other hand, you can imagine Iran’s thriving in some sports such as basketball that Fredrick Onika, lead the Iran national basketball team to the semifinal round and got the bronze medal after 55 years of continuous defeats for Persian side.
The weak results of Iranian under-23 football team but faded the delightful scores of basketball team in addition with the young hopeful handball side that aimed to take in part of the games for the first time and used to reach the bronze medal primarily in the history of Persian sports.
The Qatari hosting men defeated Iran defending champion in the semifinal (Qualifying to final) match and Rene Rodriguez Simoes, former Brazil women national football team manager that he coached to the gold medal of 2004 summer Olympic games was failed to collect the 4th consecutive football gold medal at Asian Games for Iran.
Before starting the games, Iranian sport administrators have expressed for Iran to reach an incredible result but the whole dream didn’t come true because of not presenting all the professional athletes and sending just 23 women players to the games. for example the athense 2006 olympics pioneer, who was the first table tennis athlete of Iran in the history of games was not been involved to participate in the Doha.

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