Monday, December 11, 2006

Interview with Adora Svitak

About one year ago, I was surfing the Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN) that I found a report about an American child prodigy who started publishing articles, stories and books at the age of 8. It was very incredible and wonderful to me so I followed the links and resources up and learnt more about 8 years old “Adora Svitak” who is working hard to promote his works and books in the international level.
I toke a visit from her personal website, the more I got acquainted with Adora, the more I was going amazed and surprised. I used to hold an interview with her, but I forfeited her word at that time because I didn’t find any opportunity to publish the interview, despite I translated it into Persian, but there was not any time for me to act as I promised before.
of course adora and her mother herself have forgotten me after this long period that was spent, but I have to confess that I was not a professional journalist with special authorities at that time, but a common and general web surfer, interested in literature. Now I have my own abilities and powers to publish anything I wish...
After some times, I attempted to run the interview in my personal weblog, also I am thinking about sending it for Washington Post.

1- Dear Adora, please introduce yourself completely for your Iranian readers. How and why did you start writing and reading before going to school?
I consider myself a writer because I write everyday. I spend most of my time in reading various subjects during the day, practice drawing/painting, play with my sister, go for walks, and attend to two hours of class in the afternoon in the a little school my mom established in our home. I study different subjects with my classmates who come from public school after their regular school. I just turned eight a few days ago. I started reading and writing at three and a half because I wanted to read the books my dad read to me.

2- Tell me about your works. How many books, articles and stories have you published?
I have only published one book so far, “Flying Fingers”. I am planning to get my poems and some stories published in 2006. I have also written many stories that have not been published. I am also working with different book agents to get my book published in different country. My book will be published in China early next year. I’d love to have my book published in your country as well.

3- what do you feel exactly when you write? What was the main reason for you to take in literary and cultural activities place?

I feel very peaceful when I read and write. I like literary and cultural activities because they’re interesting and educational and teach me about new things.

4- how do your friends, family or classmates react or feel about Adora Svitak as a child prodigy who started writing at 8?
My family always supports me, and my teacher/editor Felisa was so excited that she screamed when my mom handed her the book. I think my friends were more interested in the idea of publishing the book and everything.

5- of course you know that the “Harry Potter” book series are the most famous and the most popular of children literature. What do you feel about Harry and his creator, Joanna Kathryn Rowling?
I’ve read all of the series up to the sixth and I love them! I’ve visited J.K. Rowling’s site and other Harry Potter sites before, and it’s so fun playing the games and reading about J.K. Rowling’s childhood and how she invented Harry Potter. The characters (especially Ron and Hagrid) are so funny! I like the Chamber of Secrets best because there are so many mysterious twists and turns.

6- what about your favorite books? How many hours do you study in a day?
I have so many favorite books that I can’t list them all, but here are some: The Chronicles of Narnia, the Harry Potter series, books by Jane Yolen and Tamora Pierce, Eldest and Eragon (both by Christopher Paolini), Royal Road to Fotheringay by Jean Plaidy, and Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Usually I read three and a half hours on weekdays but I read more on weekends.

7- Do you know anything about Iran and its cultural or scientific history? do you know the differences between Iran and Iraq, Saudi Arabia or other Arabic countries?
I don’t really know much about Iran, but I do know that Iran and Iraq are different countries. Regretfully I haven’t really read much about Arabic countries. I intend to learn much more.

8- what do you mind about choosing a job for the future?
I will probably remain to be a writer, but I might want to be a teacher.

9- what is your idea about publishing your own works, stories and articles in Persian language magazines or books?
I would like to publish my stories in the Persian language, but it would also be nice if I could have them out in English.

10- finally Tell us about your favorite daily jobs and interactions. How will do you spend your daily free time?
I like to play with my sister and give her piggybacks and wrestle with her (even though she nearly always pins me). Sometimes I draw or play outside.

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