Monday, November 19, 2007

Persian Mevlana

Recently I wrote a letter to Hudalfa Tastekin who is a famous Turkish actor and also a friend of mine. I made an interview with him that was been published in Persian Etemaad newspaper, few days ago. I will try to place it here as soon as possible. But this is not the question.
In the finishing parts of my letter, I mentioned some issues about a recent Turkish movie that he is role-playing in.
This new TV series that is being made up by Turkey STV channel is dedicated to the honorable life of
Mevlana Celaledin Rumi, the great and well-known Persian poet and his dignified Masnavi. I invite you to read the last parts of my letter that is about Mevlana and "Kuchek Sezman" TV series:

About two weeks ago, it was an international congress on the life and works of Molavi Rumi that you call "Mevlana Cellaledin" being held in Iran and many artists, scientists and professors from all around the world including your country were
in Iran to discuss his great talent of poetry and literature creativity. But I didn't confront to any of them doubting about the Persian nationality of Mevlana…
They were all emphasizing on the necessity of respecting to mutual and common cultures such as the case of Mevlana. He spent most of his life in Turkey as most of his family members are Turkish, but of course you know that he didn't say even a couplet of Turkish poem and all of his poems have been told in Persian.
So I want to ask you as your Muslim brother to deliver my message to your producer and director about saving the truth and faithfulness of reality specially about the nationality and works of Mevlana who is really a historical heritage belonging to all of Muslim world and his case must not to be used as an
opportunity for our common enemies to create dispute and controversy among these two brother nations.

Persian text of Interview with Hudalfa - Part one
Persian text of Interview with Hudalfa - Part two

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is going on Yahoo!?

Yahoo mail, the most prominent email provider among Iranians, has removed Iran from its sign up page’s country list recently.
This has led to an outcry among many Iranians who thinks that Yahoo has made the decision due to the Iranian government and has ignored millions of Iranians. Meanwhile, people of Iran whom even suffer from their own government in virtual society consider this decision as unjust and bigoted.
Iran blog community which is among the world’s top lists of active blog communities is facing strict governmental crackdowns amid growing online access and the huge popularity of bloggers.
Despite the government restrictions and controls, Farsi is listed by Technorati in the 10 top languages on the net. Iran has near a million bloggers, among them around ten percent are active.
Meanwhile, Yahoo discriminates Iranians by taking the decision to omit Iran from its sign up country list and misjudging the people of the country because of political issues.
As for the decision, people of Iran ask Yahoo mail respectfully to add Iran to the list once again and reconsider this for millions of Iranian, not for the government.
Iran is a country with 7000 years of glorious, rich heritage and extensive history, a land in which lots of great artists, scientists and distinguished individuals have been flourished throughout the ages.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello Yahoo!

;Yahoo mail has recently removed "Iran" from the list of world countries in its signup page!
We, the nation of Iran, assume it contrary to professional ethics to deny a nation and violate fundamental human rights for any reason, including the so-called political tensions between states and governments.
We, therefore, ask Yahoo! to add Iran to the mentioned list again and officially provide a plausible explanation for offending thousands of Persian Yahoo mail users by removing their country name.
Iran is a country with 7000 years of glorious, rich heritage and extensive history, a land in which lots of great artists, scientists and distinguished individuals have been flourished throughout the ages
You can easily find the great Iran (Ancient Persia) on the world map, shaped like a sweet cat and shining as an eternal star in the sky of peace and friendship between nations.

Hello Yahoo!

;Yahoo mail has recently removed "Iran" from the list of world countries in its signup page!
We, the nation of Iran, assume it contrary to professional ethics to deny a nation and violate fundamental human rights for any reason, including the so-called political tensions between states and governments.
We, therefore, ask Yahoo! to add Iran to the mentioned list again and officially provide a plausible explanation for offending thousands of Persian Yahoo mail users by removing their country name.
Iran is a country with 7000 years of glorious, rich heritage and extensive history, a land in which lots of great artists, scientists and distinguished individuals have been flourished throughout the ages
You can easily find the great Iran (Ancient Persia) on the world map, shaped like a sweet cat and shining as an eternal star in the sky of peace and friendship between nations.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The links of friendship between nations!

Today, I want to suggest a new agendum after lots of studies, observations and thoughts.
What do you think about the friendship of nations? Maybe it is very similar to the idea of dialogue between civilizations that Mr. Khatami, Iranian former President has suggested but they are absolutely different. Disregarding to the political and social directions and policies of global governments and states, why we don't establish friendship connections with together? Why the 60 years old war of Palestinians and Judaists matters to us? Why we respect to the chaotic and clamorous lectures and addresses of our presidents in our daily conversations? Why an American youth must be insulted because of the silliness of his President and the illegal law-breakings of him? Why a Judaist youth must be offended because of the wild fire-blaming of Ariel Sharon who is thought to be a war criminal? Why an English boy must be insulted because his Prime Minister does not help dispatching army forces to occupy Iraq? And why an Iraqi girl must be insulted because of the hostile terrorist who led the country for many decades?
I think that nobody has to be offended and affronted because of his color, nationality and religion. I heard that there are many groups of blacks in Florida and Houston living in absolute poverty and poor because they are not white! Of course you know that many talented athletes such as Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast or Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon has been affronted while appearing in matches and once, Eto'o used to leave the field but the colleagues has stopped him.
Why there must be sacrilege in the world? Why some governments are charging terrorist groups for suicide actions about scared places? Why there must be conflict between Judaists and Muslims? Aren't they all human beings?
Anyhow, my practical proposal is to get rid of these limitations (color, nationality and religion) and become friends because of our most important joints. We are all HUMANS! If done, so they are not the frontiers and limitations that govern and judge. Select friends of various colors, countries and religions.
I have myself friends of US, UK, Swiss, Italy and Germany from the west and India, Malaysia, Turkey, China, Japan, Iraq and Palestine from the east. I have both Muslim and Judaist friends, both Christ and Buddhist friends. I have both red and yellow friends, both with and black friends.
There are many terrible and horrific head states in the world who lead the most important countries of their region. But I have friends from there, too and I don't take care about their leaders even a bit because I can distinguish the differences and it is not important to me that what is his leaders and governor elites are doing. He/she matters to me him/herself and how much he/she is a real human.
So if each of 6 billion of the world's population uses to select a group of 10 friends, then a long link of 60 billion friendship chains will be created and the world converts to the cradle of friendship and peace, instead of war and hostility!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Iranians are not terrorists

Dear world-mates!
I am a Persian boy who tries to be a real Persian citizen. Do you know anything about the history of my country? When there was not any thriving city and inhabited land on the Earth, my ancestors and fathers were trying to build the modern buildings, discover the fire, reveal hidden caves, create new tools and bring the life to the dead world from the holy soil of Persia.

Dear respected people!
Do you know that my homeland, Iran in the centuries Before Christ was the largest residence place of people from different tribes and ethnic groups? All the Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Reds and Blacks were taking place in Iran and selected the different parts of my country for live in.

Dear world citizens!
I am wondering that how your high knowledge and intellectually allows you to count on individuals and persons as the symbols and indication of a great and large number of people especially about Iran. No difference that Mr. Khatami is the president or Mr. Ahmadinejad and so on… all the politicians have their personal viewpoints and belong to political parties. They must act in order to meet the requests of their party and their international display is not a suitable measurement for knowing the people.

Dear Americans!
Some of you voted for Bush and now he is known as one of the greatest international terrorists. He sent thousands of your brothers, sisters, sons and daughters to the unsafe frontiers of Iraq and caused them to be killed. He gathered a great military with thousands of militants and soldiers. They are killing and being killed at last. So is it a logical conclusion that all of American citizens are terrorists because their president is so?

Dear just creations of the majesty God!
Make judge by your consciousness and acknowledgement. In which period of time can you remember that my country started war against a country and its people? Do you say me the Iraqi war? Surely you know that this 8 years unequal war was blamed by Saddam and the U.S. Sated helped him and equipped him with dangerous chemical weapons. They martyred more than 300,000 people and young men. Do you name the 40 years old Ottoman war with Persian Empire? You can find it among the historical documents that the Ottoman Empire imposed that war to Iran and Iran was compelled to resist…

Personally have you all positive views about the performance of your country leaders and its politicians? So is it digestible for you that your country be judged based on your leaders actions and their decisions? The American government, bombarded the Hiroshima and Nakazaki with chemical and atomic bombs. Are all the American people alike of their government heads and cruel such as them?

Dear friends…
Anything that I can say about the delightful history of Iran could be found in this article and this elaborated site. You can become acquainted with personalities such as Cyrus the great, Xerex the great and know more about the first Olympics in Iran, the innovations of Persian people, their peacemaking efforts and so on. But believe that we are different to Arab people and they cannot be compared with us. Persians are really aristocrat and noble people and respected by the all nations. Our country is full of peace and civilization signs and marks… notable poets such as Hafez and Ferdowsi, scared places such as Persepolis and thousands of components, places and individuals you can never imagine!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why Bush Is A Terrorist?

It is an obvious and proven fact that dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and Bush are in the same rank and their dictatorship level is not much different with together. Hitler led the world toward inequality, poverty and opened terrible holocausts up, Mussolini caused his country to become isolated and recluse from the entire world, Saddam Hussein who was one of the cruelest and most stone-hearted people of the world's history and killed hundreds of thousands of Persian people including children, women and youths and Bin Laden who kept his country inside the dark and unlighted sides of humbleness and inferiority stockade.
But about George W. Bush who acclaims to be a religious personality and a republican intellectual could not be ranked in the same with the names I named. He is in a tougher and stronger level of dictatorship and crime.
At first when Bush was selected as the United States President, I thought that he is really thinker and intelligence with a high Intelligence Quotient but later I discovered that he is not yet different with murderers such as Saddam or Hitler.
I tried a lot to convince myself that his Iraq and Afghanistan invasion is logical because he is trying to find and destroy the main basis of terror and also to arrest Bin Laden and Saddam, but the time passed and we observed different facts to his statements in the congress and his promises for gowning the peace and security up in this countries.
Really what is the reasoning of killing civic citizens and non military members? What they are guilty for? It is very simple to find the number of killed people in Afghanistan and Iraq. Are they all terrorists and collaborators of Saddam and Bin Laden? Also it is a long time since the military occupation of Afghanistan. Are Bin Laden and his partners found? What about the daily bombarding of poor and helpless people in these countries? What about the mothers who lost their children in this unequal and unwanted war? What about the innocent children who lose their parents and find them killed by militants and soldiers? Wasn't there another way to arrest Saddam, Bin Laden and punish them personally? Was it needed to occupy the whole country and darken the life of unprotected people? Was it necessary to destroy the personal and individual homes and borrow their furniture and valuable things?
These are all questions that Bush and his cooperators would not find any explanation and answer for.
I am one of the great Ahmadinejad critics in my country and I think that his presidency period was not beneficial for Iran and the region but that doesn't mean that the offensive decisions and felonies of Bush could be covered with ignorance and propaganda. As a world's citizen, I know him as a political criminal and I think that he must be responsible for giving the order of thousands of murders in an international court and a just trial.
He is responsible for the death of hundreds of American militants and common people in Iraq and Afghanistan and the global opinion would judge on him.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Letter to Ban Ki Moon

In the name of God, the compassionate the merciful
Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations Secretary General
I am Kourosh Ziabari, a 17 years old Persian boy from Iran and one of thousands people who use to write you about their concerns, desires, wishes, complains and opinions.
I am sure that you are one of the busiest men on the earth. You are the headmaster of an organization that deals with 200 countries all around the world and a population about 6 billion people. You have to respond formal letters from your workmates, write and answer to common people who refer to you, make speeches and addresses, get involved in media conferences and answer to reporters and finally to be ready and standby anywhere and anytime!
But I want to ask you to dedicate a few minutes and read my letter completely, although I have not even the experience of writing to my country leader and writing a ail to UNSG and waiting for the reply seems to be very unbelievable for me.
Maybe the labor law in Iran is completely different to the entire world! My parents are journalists and manage a local magazine in northern Iran. They tried to get me used to be a different and talented boy. They started to read me "Shahname of Ferdowsi" stories and delightful glorious Persian literary works when I was 3 or 4.
After a few years, I felt that an interest in journalism and literature is growing inside me and I started to learn Persian and English alphabet before going to school.
When I was 8, my first articles were been published in my parent's magazine and after that, I continued writing and finally I became a well-known journalist who gathered the informal title of "world's youngest journalist" by some of international media organizations and newspapers and now the most authenticated and credible newspapers and journals of Iran are publishing my stories and dispatches although I am living in northern Iran and very far from the capital, Tehran that is the media center of country too.
During these years, I published more than 1500 articles, held hundreds of interviews, published two books and learned to speak some world live languages such as English, Arabic and Italian.
I know that there is a long way toward being a global genius and intelligent person. Unfortunately, there was not any suitable situation for me to grow and improve my skills and become an international peacemaker who can use his abilities and skills in order to make global peace and help the humankind.
UNSG is my dreamland title. I always think about becoming the UNSG when the turn reaches to Asia like 2007 when you were selected as it could be guessed. I know that UNSG selection process has a continental quota and maybe it takes decades for the turn of Asia again.
I am trying hard to reach my eternal goal that is being the UNSG such as you and Mr. Annan or Mr. Ghali. I am learning more live languages, studying hard and the next years, I have to enter the university. I am very hopeful about reaching to my goal although I know that Security Council is the main decision-maker and they have not some satisfying relations with my country and its headquarters because of their political figures and directions.
But I want to ask you to help and guide me, and also I have a great wish that I think it is possible to become true just if you accept. I want to make an interview with you for a national famous newspaper of Iran and I will be very happy if you accept this and let me know how it is possible for me to ask my questions about Iran, global warming, air pollution, global peace, people's depression and their feelings about life, future of world, labor children, gifted and talented children, Iraq and Afghanistan issues and many other things.

I will wait until ever!
God bless you
Best regards
Kourosh Ziabari - Friday, January 18, 2008 – Rasht – Iran

Monday, August 20, 2007

Difficulties of being a cyber journalist

!There are many descriptions about the "Citizen Journalism". If we summarize all these definitions, it is possible to say that citizen journalism is one type of journalism that constructed on the basis of interest and power; interest of amateur people in communication and journalistic work in addition to their power of creativity.
Among the citizen journalists who work for free of payments and do not receive any incomes for their writings, we can find most of intelligent and smart people who even work more professional than most of official journalists and media elites in many cases, but without being famous and just as anonym and common media staff.
In the past decades and years, the mafia bands including the influent journalists and capitalists were been taking the control of newspapers, TV and radio channels and news agencies. With such influence and conversance, the general policy of international media was always a specified approach trend political benefit of governments and states without having any consideration to the value of truth and reality. Such unjust media that cannot help not being impartial and neutral are always dangerous to global peace, knowledge and information.
When all the managing controls of a newspaper or TV channel are handled by a government-related company or cartel, then we can not expect of it to be independent and realist. But when the citizen journalist forces and creative people are involved in media and communication channels and their abilities are used to organize a reality-based and honest medium, so we can sit relaxed and watch enhancing process of it toward an ideal circumstance.
Citizen journalist is not being paid and doesn’t work for the sake of money, but to gather credit and reliability. He is interested in news reporting and writing for journals, but has not the opportunity to improve his skills and show his faculty. It is a proven fact that restriction and limitation, leads to innovation and originality. You can find its examples in the yards and backyards of poor towns. The most highly-gifted and attractive football-players are found among the little and black boys of these soiled and dusty yards. It is as the same in culture, literature and communication.
Ordinary people love to present themselves with writing, reporting and becoming trusted sources of news. If they had the sufficient opportunity, they can be the rounding wheels of media machines.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We are the Champions!

Nowadays, the 14th Asian Football confederation (AFC) cup is being held in 4 host countries of Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) and 16 best national football teams of round the ancient continent are taking in the games part. Iran is the most honored team of all the games with 3 championship titles which were gathered during the past 30 years.
Our national team’s first game against Uzbekistan was expired a few hours ago and we won delightfully. In the first half, mistakenly we scored an own goal to ourselves but it was compensated by two second half scorings.
I think that it was a good response to shameless insults of Uzbek side coach who said that there is no difference between Iran and Maldives and they both can be scored a lot. So that impolite man learned how to speak about an international rival that makes honors, respect and cheers among all of happy and free people around the world.
Mehdi Mahdavikia was so interesting and showed an acceptable role-playing during the game as the captain in his 99th national match for Iran, after Ali Daei as the world’s top-scorer was been eliminated from the training lineup by new head coach.
Fereydoon Zandi, the previous Kaiserslautern striker as a German-Persian player was also so successful and helped us during the game.
The memorable teamwork of all players, lead to an enjoyable victory and we won the match after 90 minutes of stress and tension. Now we are in the second place of our group after China won Malaysia the host in a 5-1 fearful defeat for the 149th team of FIFA ranking table. You can follow the whole news in that updates almost every 15 minutes and I think that can be enhanced an improved if they add up the number of their editorial staff…
The photo is taken by Mehdi Zare, one of the 30 dispatched reporters of Iran to the host nations in order to accomplish the news coverage of games. It shows the moment of Sayyed Jalal Hosseini my hometown compatriot scoring first, as our head coach and brings silence and desperation to Uzbek side!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pardon Me Please !

After about one month, I am not able to look inside your eyes, face to face and start speaking without any apologizes. I am really ashamed about the occurred delay of my blog updates. I am sure that it lost most of its readers but I have no ways but forgetting the mistakes and continuing to write, live and “Being”!
How many “I”s I used in these just few lines… however it can be excusable and maybe you can indulge it. I am now a last year college student as called “Pre-university” in Iran. In the other words, I have a less than one-year opportunity to finish my high school or college and enter the university. Otherwise, I will be sent to the military off for a 2 years dispatch and my lifestyle and goals will be changed totally…
Anyhow, it is not so polite to continue chattering now that I returned again after a long delay. I will describe the reasons of this long-term absence and make sure that it will not be repeated if there is not any special accident in my life again!

maybe you are getting used to ... Take it easy!

PS: Oooooooooops... I reviewd my blog again. lets correct it. It is exacly 2 months that I didn't update it, not 1 month. I don't know really how to make out of your embarrassment. Just let the time to be passed! okay? I am compeletly accept that all of blog owners are responsible to their readers and addressees. I was not such a responsible blogger. I know. but take ma another oppertunity. I will compensate!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

7+1 at for sale ! At the end of 2006, the count of his published articles raised to an amount of more than 1000 articles in about 6 years. He started the writing work when he was 8. Due to this early start, he was announced to be the World's youngest journalist by some of international organizations. He also acts as a guest writer for the international desk of BBC and the blogger advance team of Washington Post. The collection of his interview with seven Persian contemporary literary authors is compiled as Seven and one (7+1), points to his new book that is now available to sale for $1.8 in 120 pages. In this book, Kourosh also provided a memory of one time he interviewed by Jame Jam newspaper, so the last one that is added to his book title recalls that last interview. In this book, you will find interviews such as the 3-hours conversation with Javad Mojabi, famous well-known writer who is a hardworking author with bestseller books translated into various languages. Also one of interviewed men in this book, Shahram Rahimian who is an in-exile author is just interviewed twice in Iran. One of these two times was a pen-interview (by email) that Kourosh held. Because of new type questions and ideas that this young Persian journalist noted, the interview was been published and reviewed so many times.

Friday, April 27, 2007

What is a web portal?

Author: Toomaj Fraidoony
Translator (From Persian into English: Kourosh Ziabari)

The non-local networks were been first used by the “Advanced Research Projects Agency” of Pentagon (the defense ministry of the state) in 1960.
By designing the network, the main goal was to connect each computer to two other stations, so the sent packet messages could be transmitted in various ways.
After a few times, this network changed gradually and shaped a new means that was the modern Internet.
At that time, there was nobody to believe that the whole network will be grew too quickly to be moderated that difficult and there is a necessary need to specialist and expert managers. The most important reason was the free space on the web!
But today, the “World Wide Web” theory is making all the users feel free to access the Internet without the requirement of technical information.
In the other word, a complicated mission with an easy usability that makes the user mixed up between “Web” and “Internet” as two separated means.The essential goal of “WWW” theory was the easy and simple access to online content and services by using a specified application with special capabilities.
So the production of these applications was a great step toward online utopia and classification of services and context on the net.
The enhancement of Internet and web-based services is occurring too quickly that it is impossible for everyone to remember even the one tenth of current active website names because he have to remember daily more than 20,000 new domain names.
The ease of use and friendly application environment are the best reasons for each user to take part in using the network services. So it is not logical to expect a user to try surfing hundreds of websites to access various and different services or register for divers providers and be concerned about saving the privacy information of each registration.
So the web, reached to an unwanted new level that is called to be “Web Portal” era.So I think that if we desire to result a new declaration of “web portal”, we have to translate it, word by word...

Continues Here

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

* The Persian New Year is started for just 2 weeks. Maybe you don’t know that it’s based on an ancient Persian tradition that is Norouz, the national ceremony to celebrate the New Year and maybe you guess that it is just a yearly revolution, but lets inform you that Norouz establishers in 3000 years ago were aware about Blossom equivalent starting at March 21st that is called Earth Day by the UN general assembly for many years.
Last week I explained the philosophy and history of Norouz to an Australian blogger who is searching on Iran and wants to know more about this historical and pure land. He was unable to believe this glorious and delightful tradition and custom was going on fore 3000 years.

* The forgotten Persian Empire with memorable kings such as Cyrus the great or Xerex the great is left unknown and just a counted number of Iranian historians or researchers studied about it carefully.
Most of you don’t know Iran. The acknowledgement of global opinion about Iran is just limited to seen motion pictures such as insulting, contradictory and offensive “300 the movie”.

* Anyhow, I am pretty busy writing my starting year reviews and articles for sites and magazines whose editors desired me to put my pieces in order within 2 weeks or less.
I am so sorry because my frequently searches in order to find a suitable time to update my English blog in an arranged timetable fails and I have not enough time to write my daily thoughts with calmness and without any disturbance…

* In last weeks, many bitter accidents were happened, such as the arrestment of 15 British sailors in the frontiers of Persian Gulf. Now the state of London is frustrated so much and the probability of a military trial is so high, according to Ahmadinejad the president, we are ready to release the soldiers instead of some requirements to be met by UK and US.

* I was searching the web that I found a short piece of text about myself. The anonymous writer who noted some facts and realities about me was very amusing to be so just and fair about a 16 years old boy who is almost unknown to the world:

Incredible to say the least. He's fairly honest about his goals in life and his achievements (freelance journalist/full-time blogger)...too honest:

"With the contribution and cooperation of Persian bloggers all around the world and the supporting of some non-governmental organizations of Iran, we are to accomplish a new project for introducing me as the secretary general of United Nations in next 30 years when the turn will reaches to Asia."
(NGOs run by______?)
Definitely secretary-general material.
Mmmmmm-Mmmmmm-MMmmmmmm...can't wait to see what humanity will look like then (if it looks like anything remotely approachable right now).
His letter invokes a
scene from a badly exploited film contract and an aging (hallucinatory)
Supreme Chancellor: I hope you trust me, Anakin.
Anakin Skywalker: Of course.
Supreme Chancellor: I need your help, son. I want you
to be the eyes, ears, and voice of the Republic. Anakin, I'm appointing you to
be my personal representative on the Jedi Council.
Anakin Skywalker: Me? A Master? I'm overwhelmed, sir. But the Council elects its own members. They will never accept this.
Supreme Chancellor: I think they will. They need you, more than you know.
I've read through his articles. One discusses (briefly and last) the closing down of the Shargh Newspaper, another reports on the multi-linguistic and direct writing of Ahmadinejad (which he starts by claiming that AN's blogging will "change the unjustifiable ideas and opinions around Persian blogsphere").

Who is this Kourosh, really? Is he "seeking truth" when he tries to soften the blows of the IRI? Seeking "purity in reality" when he tries to believe that AN is a people-person with an amiable blogging addiction (15 minutes/week)? "Unbiased" journalism when he scoops up the readily defined "bias against women" and couples it with "specially Arabic governments"- mentioning "Middle-Eastern countries" on the way?
I think Darth Vader has long been won-over by a nemesis (and I'm not talking about Luke Skywalker)

Friday, March 16, 2007

300 the truth? (2)

Tonight, I watched two movies broadcasted by the national TV network of our country: White Noise by Geoffrey Sax and Land of plenty by Wim Wenders. The first one was about a metaphysic phenomenon, the ability to speak with deads based on the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). And the last one was about a Palestinian-American girl who steps into a center for caring poor and homeless men and acquaints with the land of plenty that shares its gifs and affluence between special groups of people, not all of them!
Due to the horrific atmosphere of white noise, it was censored a little, its terrible sections I think, like most of American movies that comes to Iran.
After watching these two films, I remembered the bitter memory of “
300 the movie “, a newly Warner Bros released production with the first ranking place in the best-seller trailers table.
Not just insulting to the personality of Persian people and mocking them in a baffled way,
300 the movie is redrawing a comic picture of reality into the canvas of historic lesson. Unfortunately, this co-Iraq war propaganda film that leads the viewer into an imaginary way about the history of Persia, insults and offenses the great, dignified and delightful civilization of Ancient Persia as the world’s oldest urban place.
I just want to ask that what happened if all the filmmakers, producers, writers and artists didn’t attempt to omit the historical realities and choose what they want among the pages of history?
I want to ask that what happened if
300 the movie would sketch the real and trustworthy picture of Thermopylae war between Persia and Greece?
I cannot find any answer to these questions until the anti-human and anti-morality sentiments are died in the mind of all artistic creators.
We are getting closer to Persian New (Norouz as an ancient global cultural heritage) Year that you can find its particular logo on Google’s
official holiday page. Perhaps it was the foreigner’s New Year special gift to us…

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

300 the truth? is an ongoing collaborative art
project featuring art by artists using the theme of 'ancient Persia'. Driven by
an admiration for arts, and united by a common concern about the barbaric and
demonic portrayal of Persians in Frank Miller's graphic novel and the movie 300,
we have come together to voice our objection in a uniquely artistic fashion. The
call for art has just been released and we are still receiving the artwork. If
you are an artist and would like to participate, please send your art to submit
at 300themovie dot info.

It was just a simple introduction on “300 the movie”. Maybe you heard about that 300 the movie an American film produced by Warner Bros company. The story of 300 the movie is based one a comic stripe book by Frank Miller and is continuing the Anti-Parsiism project of those who cannot understand the value of Ancient Persia’s history. 300 the movie is too insulting and mindfulness to be discussed and seems to be produced just to become a funny show such as the standup comedies of Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. 300 the movie doesn’t prove any positive feeling or sense in any conscience human whose intellectuality and morality doesn’t allow him to forget the historical realities. I am working on a long time project to accomplish cultural sanctions on 300 the movie getting help by my other blogger friends such as pendar who established the Google bomb against 300 the movieWait and watch the result and remember that the strategy and ideology that caused to the disgraceful production of 300 the movie is not just anti-Iranist. It is anti humanist!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Working children...

aaaaaaChildren are the cheap labor forces and their small hands are acquainted with the hard working difficulties.
Even though using the under-15 years old children for official work is restricted based on the labour law, but they are being exploited with unfairly condition and low incoming.
If you followed the media news and reports on the issue of Child Labour, you got that it is an interesting and favorite subject for reporters and journalist to write about, but the lack of scientific discussion and reviewing the reasons of this social phenomena by the views of sociologists is a real obstacle to find out that why it is growing every day?

Working children, the second generation of a hierarchical job legatees
Now that the different aspects of daily life is being specialized quickly and the scientific fields are being divided into numerous subdirectories, we can not claim that the children are still following their family jobs, but continuing their study and choose an interesting and amazing work field for themselves.
But many others think that the parents because of particular emotional and mental senses would impress them.
The predominant reason of great approach to family jobs and the parents’ occupation by children could be find in their unreal responsibility specially in the poor families with under-normal range monthly incoming.
So in such families that parents are not able to answer the moral and financial needs of family members, children would try to improve their life style and also to take their parents attention to themselves by working and earning money.
By working outside of home, the labour children would try their best to help the family to supply the financial requirements and also attract their attention and kindness. In such families, the academic studies is not reckoned as a social value and in the view of parents, working to earn money and fund rising is told to be the best way of social growth and progress.
Also, in many cases the children like to continue the job of their parents. For example in the families with a mechanic worker father, the senior boy is usually the follower of father’s way and to reach this goal, he commonly leaves the school or college and counts on the father as a successful sample.

Forcing parents, fearing children
In Iran, the outside home working is observed in some common types such as the selling of breviary books, fruit selling and working in local bazaars, porterage work and clothing-related jobs. In fact, the outside working is not just depended on the hierarchical jobs of a family.
The force of parents is also one of the other affecting factors. In families with the low level of academic studies and uneducated parents, the value of working to earn money is not comparable with the given respect to study and passing academic degrees. So we can almost observe that most of parents, discourage the children about their schools and advice them to continue working and become a successful personality in their society in this way.
So if the mental pressure on the children is kept off by parents, we can be certain that a 10 years old boy, would not leaves home in order to make money and be a professional worker. In the other words, if the family environment is safe and secure, so earning a few dollars in a day cannot be a motivating factor.
Also father’s disability to resolve the spiritual and financial requirements of children is another reason of labour children problems.
This would appear due to the abnormal mental situation of father because of an illness or addiction so the children would act to accomplish his paternal duties and the child labour phenomena comes out of the happenings.

Labour children are being threatened
The difficulties of working outside home are not limited to enduring the behavioral insults and being humiliated by people.
If a child leaves home in order to make his parents satisfied and pleased of him, there is no guarantee for him to be protected from social damages. Changing the way of life by being acquainted with some new unknown friends, addiction, depression, suicide and other dangers are very serious threats that may be forgotten.

There is not an exact statistic!
HIV-affected patients: no statistic, street-sleepers: no statistic, idle and workless people: no statistic…
Labour children are boycotted greatly by media and most of people don’t know anything about them. Also the available information about them in Iran is not enough to take your time for more than 10 minutes!
Although the state of Tehran is one of 182nd protocol of International Labour Organization (ILO) members that has more than 180 members all around the world and although 11 sections of Islamic Republic of Iran Labour Law is leading to the forbiddance of under-18 years old children’s working, but the published statistics and numbers are making us aware about different realities.
The official 2002 published statistics of ILO shows more than 352 million under-18 years old children working as the breadwinner of family and 246 million of them are employed and official workers in factories and workgroups.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Widespread filtering, a new match for Persian users!

Kourosh Ziabari

“Due to the legal policies of Islamic Republic of Iran, access to this website is denied…”
For the Persian users of Internet that their number is growing day and day, this critical message is very well known and acquainted!
As the high managers and authorities of Iranian ICT ministry claim that the number of filtered sites is less than the count of fingers, but even the access to news portals and agencies is restricted in most of cities by the ministry and the new laws of justice powers.
Now the access to news agencies and global media such as BBC, CNN, international newspapers and also the most of indoor websites is restricted and the Iranian users are believing that the state’s goal to build the national internet network service up is being realized.
Temporarily for a few times, the spreading interest in ant filter proxies among Persian users was so common and usual but now after the anti filter proxies being filtered themselves via tracing softwares used by the ICT ministry of Iran, at last the helpless users accepted to surrender against the government.
The state of Tehran is alleging roughly that only the pornographic and anti-moral websites are filtered till now but it is not so hard to discover that is a great lie! Most of journalist’s personal blogs, news agencies and global media websites are unavailable due to the political theories of Islamic Republic government and it seems that there is no way to fight and battle against.
Also recently, the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance announced about a new project for ordering and arranging the personal weblogs and websites. In the project, all website moderators and bloggers are forced to register their site information in addition with personal info such as home telephone number, their political experiences and the other personal data that must be submitted, otherwise at the end of process, all the unregistered websites would be filtered.
To not leaving such hostile activities reply, most of Persian bloggers, placed a big size logo at the top of their pages with the slogan: “I will not REGISTER my web!”
Also most of famous Persian bloggers such as Hussein Derakhshan who is named to be the father of Persian blogging or the other reputed journalist and political bloggers, registered numerous subdomains and alternative addresses for their main index pages to find a way for their readers so they can access the desired blogs easily. Also using the services to send the daily updates as the content of mailing newsletters to registered users and readers is the other way that is being used widely through bloggers.
At the moment, we can confess that there is not a unit way to stop censoring websites and blogs in Iran and the mutual struggle between Persian cyberspace as an independent tribune and the government as the hateful side right now is being continued.
In the other word, we can say easily that the state of Tehran changed about 200,000 bloggers to its potential enemy with such faults so they are like a clock-bomb ready to explode each moment if motivated.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Removed (Filtered!)

Due to the critical reasons and some friendly interactions, the post was been removed right now!

Monday, January 15, 2007

An American Blogger asks me...

Joseph Benfield and Kourosh Ziabari

How do people greet each other – (shake hands, bow, embrace, other)?
Generally when people meet each other, they smile at first and say Hello to each other using the partner phrase of "Salaam" that is joint in Muslim countries (Not Arab countries). Also they shake hands, put their hands on the arms of other side. Also they kiss the face of each other when they reach together after a long period of absence.

As a visitor to the country, would you exchange gifts at the first meeting? What gifts are considered appropriate? If flowers, what kind? (Some have special meanings.)
When a newly arrived and newcomer traveler or foreigner comes, he/she would be prized and presented with the local handicraft of each part of country who is in, also the local foods and edibles. For example, in the northern parts that we live (Guilan province), it is traditional and common to welcome the guests by local cookies called "Koloocheye Fooman"

How are children educated? At what age do they begin school? Do boys and girls generally go to separate schools, or are they separated by sex in the same school? Do they usually wear uniforms?
Iranian children start their school at elementary grade when they are 6. In some poor and faraway cities, because of the lack of suitable educational potentialities and means in addition with the deficiency of separated schools, boys and girls would be educated in same school. But this rule is not followed for other grades. Also the separation by gender in a same school is not allowed. All buildings are different. But after passing the national conquer exam, they will be mixed again in the universities!

How is garbage collection dealt with?
unfortunately, there is not any unit solution for this complication. In most cities, the dangerous hospital and industrial trash and garbage are released in the main rivers of towns and countries. In the other cities, the garbage will be burned in the gardens and villages far from the city center. In the other word, the way of garbage collection and restore is not invented yet!

What is the normal dress for men and women?
after the victory of Sayyed Mohammad Khatami in the presidential election of 1998, the type of youth wearing changed gradually. Now the general dressing type for men is containing suites, jackets and trousers in addition with other mixes. The women are wearing the same in addition with various models of Mantua. They are also wearing their hairs with scarf.

what foods, if any, are generally not eaten or possibly considered taboo?
Iran has exactly 30 provinces made by dissimilar and various tribes with their own foods, dressing and formalities. More than 1000 types of Persian foods and cuisines are being cooked in all around the country but because of Islamic laws and commands, the eating of pig, snake and other unlawful and ceremonially unclean meat animals is prohibited.

Are there gestures or movements that would not be acceptable in polite society?
To be honest with you, the political movements and gestures are not forbidden in Iran, but any movement against the supreme leader, the official religion of country and predominant critics about the government are roughly controlled and answered by punishments, social banning, prison and execution in rare. Youth society of Iran containing students, university pupils and journalists are avant-garde in common and among the countries of Middle East, also they are intellectual and theory-maker in various fields but any out-of-limits movement or behavior is completely suppressed.

Is it acceptable to bargain for goods at department stores or at markets?
yes, there is a wide range of goods and merchandise bargained in the department stores, supermarkets, chain stores and we have not any limitation in this field.

How do people spend their leisure time? What kinds of leisure activities do they participate in?
it regards, due to each family in each state and town, the type of leisure activities is different completely. At the northern parts of Iran, including our province in addition with two other states, people often spend their free time at seaside (in summer vacations). Also the favorite leisure sport of Iranian youth society is football, they do playing football in sandy streets, yards and any other place they find suitable to play! Web surfing, studying, going to movies and going to the sport complexes for some interesting matches (specially to watch the national games) are in vogue.

What are normal work hours? Are most stores open on weekends? What days might they be closed?
Friday is the official holiday in Iran that is our weekend time. Some department stores and the sensitive governmental organizations such as police offices, hospitals, fire stations and the telecommunication centers are enforced to work in fulltime shifts. Also the formal hours of work are limited between 8 AM to 1 PM.

What are the important holidays? Are there special observances of these holidays?
the starting 2 weeks of each year is our national New Year holiday that returns to the ancient Iran. We celebrate the New Year due to the historical tradition of Achaemanian kingdom. These ceremonial formalities are not accepted completely by the government but they are trying to adjust themselves to the will of people, gradually. Also the anniversary of Imam Hussein's Martyrdom, the day of Eid-e-Adha and Eid-e-Qadir that is the particular ceremony of Shiites are to be counted as the official holidays.

Where and how do people get married? What is the average marriage age? Is it acceptable not to get married? What is the attitude toward divorce?
Due to the advices of Islamic Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) who encourages young boys and girls to get married and calls the marriage as his eternal tradition, marriage has a high amount of importance among the families. Parents often encourage their boys and girls to get married in the ages of 22 to 30. Because they think that marriage is the best way of answering to natural and inherent needs of each person and also the way to prevention from moral aberration. Women have not the right to request divorcement expect in some emergency situation.

What is the national language of the country? Are other languages spoken?
the national, academic, formal and media language is Persian, the converted former Pahlavi mixed with Arabic up! But Azeri, Gilaki, Kurdish, Lori and some other ethnic and local languages are spoken

What is the principal religion(s) of the country? What are the basic beliefs or doctrines of these religions?
the official religion is Islam, and it is obvious from the formal name of country (Islamic Republic pf Iran). The allowed religions to act in some special rounds and conditions are Jew, Christianity and Zoroastrian. All these religions are based on the 4 main foundations. a) The only and unit God is acceptedb) Each religion has a special prophet who is sent by the God to the earth.c) The resurrection day exists and all dead people will become alive againd) Each religion has the own holy book that is sent by the God.

Who are (or were) the major artists and writers?
I cannot answer to this question due to the numerous artists, scientists, writers and other cultural and literary celebrities. Really I cannot count them!

What kind of music is popular at this time? Who is the major pop star or movie star at the present time?
the foreign and international Pop, Heavy Metal, Rock n roll and DJ bands are so popular here among the young people. Also the traditional and classical music of Iran has it own fans. Most of major music stars of Iran are working in Los Angeles and sending their productions to Iran that is not legal due to the governmental restrictions that calls these music productions as Non-Islamic art. For example DJ Arash and DJ Alligator are two of the most famous and well-known musicians who work in Sweden and sometimes in US but broadcasting their works from official media is not allowed.

How Patriotic are you about your country?
I can confess that I am so nationalist and patriotic to my country because of its delightful and honorable history… I cannot express exactly what do I feel about Ancient Persia.

If you did not live in your country, where would you want to live?
United States is my dreamland country. I always had the wish to work for a great technologic company such as Microsoft or Google cooperation.