Thursday, February 22, 2007

Widespread filtering, a new match for Persian users!

Kourosh Ziabari

“Due to the legal policies of Islamic Republic of Iran, access to this website is denied…”
For the Persian users of Internet that their number is growing day and day, this critical message is very well known and acquainted!
As the high managers and authorities of Iranian ICT ministry claim that the number of filtered sites is less than the count of fingers, but even the access to news portals and agencies is restricted in most of cities by the ministry and the new laws of justice powers.
Now the access to news agencies and global media such as BBC, CNN, international newspapers and also the most of indoor websites is restricted and the Iranian users are believing that the state’s goal to build the national internet network service up is being realized.
Temporarily for a few times, the spreading interest in ant filter proxies among Persian users was so common and usual but now after the anti filter proxies being filtered themselves via tracing softwares used by the ICT ministry of Iran, at last the helpless users accepted to surrender against the government.
The state of Tehran is alleging roughly that only the pornographic and anti-moral websites are filtered till now but it is not so hard to discover that is a great lie! Most of journalist’s personal blogs, news agencies and global media websites are unavailable due to the political theories of Islamic Republic government and it seems that there is no way to fight and battle against.
Also recently, the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance announced about a new project for ordering and arranging the personal weblogs and websites. In the project, all website moderators and bloggers are forced to register their site information in addition with personal info such as home telephone number, their political experiences and the other personal data that must be submitted, otherwise at the end of process, all the unregistered websites would be filtered.
To not leaving such hostile activities reply, most of Persian bloggers, placed a big size logo at the top of their pages with the slogan: “I will not REGISTER my web!”
Also most of famous Persian bloggers such as Hussein Derakhshan who is named to be the father of Persian blogging or the other reputed journalist and political bloggers, registered numerous subdomains and alternative addresses for their main index pages to find a way for their readers so they can access the desired blogs easily. Also using the services to send the daily updates as the content of mailing newsletters to registered users and readers is the other way that is being used widely through bloggers.
At the moment, we can confess that there is not a unit way to stop censoring websites and blogs in Iran and the mutual struggle between Persian cyberspace as an independent tribune and the government as the hateful side right now is being continued.
In the other word, we can say easily that the state of Tehran changed about 200,000 bloggers to its potential enemy with such faults so they are like a clock-bomb ready to explode each moment if motivated.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Removed (Filtered!)

Due to the critical reasons and some friendly interactions, the post was been removed right now!