Friday, February 16, 2007

Removed (Filtered!)

Due to the critical reasons and some friendly interactions, the post was been removed right now!


Violeta del mar said...

I find your blog and your story very interesting, especially as I'm a 17 year-old writer, first published when I was 10. I'm American, but have a passion for Iranian culture and am learning as much as I can about every aspect of your beautiful country, good or bad. I started learning Farsi a few months ago, and am now practicing my language skills on my own blog, Gole Farhang.

Anyway, afarin, great work! Keep it up-- you are doing the world and your own country a great service!

olivebranch said...

hey, check your email asap!

olivebranch said...

being from Iran I am sure you understand sensitivity and censorship issues, detailed and personal information such as what is in this post really should not be published in the public sphere; check your email and please heed the advice therein!!!

olivebranch said...


Anonymous said...

You know what?
I think that this is getting awfully ridiculus.
He is clearly biased against Israel. Maybe you should interview someone who is pro Israeli, rather than people who look at Islamic " culture " without understanding it.
You are being one sided.