Friday, March 16, 2007

300 the truth? (2)

Tonight, I watched two movies broadcasted by the national TV network of our country: White Noise by Geoffrey Sax and Land of plenty by Wim Wenders. The first one was about a metaphysic phenomenon, the ability to speak with deads based on the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). And the last one was about a Palestinian-American girl who steps into a center for caring poor and homeless men and acquaints with the land of plenty that shares its gifs and affluence between special groups of people, not all of them!
Due to the horrific atmosphere of white noise, it was censored a little, its terrible sections I think, like most of American movies that comes to Iran.
After watching these two films, I remembered the bitter memory of “
300 the movie “, a newly Warner Bros released production with the first ranking place in the best-seller trailers table.
Not just insulting to the personality of Persian people and mocking them in a baffled way,
300 the movie is redrawing a comic picture of reality into the canvas of historic lesson. Unfortunately, this co-Iraq war propaganda film that leads the viewer into an imaginary way about the history of Persia, insults and offenses the great, dignified and delightful civilization of Ancient Persia as the world’s oldest urban place.
I just want to ask that what happened if all the filmmakers, producers, writers and artists didn’t attempt to omit the historical realities and choose what they want among the pages of history?
I want to ask that what happened if
300 the movie would sketch the real and trustworthy picture of Thermopylae war between Persia and Greece?
I cannot find any answer to these questions until the anti-human and anti-morality sentiments are died in the mind of all artistic creators.
We are getting closer to Persian New (Norouz as an ancient global cultural heritage) Year that you can find its particular logo on Google’s
official holiday page. Perhaps it was the foreigner’s New Year special gift to us…

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

300 the truth? is an ongoing collaborative art
project featuring art by artists using the theme of 'ancient Persia'. Driven by
an admiration for arts, and united by a common concern about the barbaric and
demonic portrayal of Persians in Frank Miller's graphic novel and the movie 300,
we have come together to voice our objection in a uniquely artistic fashion. The
call for art has just been released and we are still receiving the artwork. If
you are an artist and would like to participate, please send your art to submit
at 300themovie dot info.

It was just a simple introduction on “300 the movie”. Maybe you heard about that 300 the movie an American film produced by Warner Bros company. The story of 300 the movie is based one a comic stripe book by Frank Miller and is continuing the Anti-Parsiism project of those who cannot understand the value of Ancient Persia’s history. 300 the movie is too insulting and mindfulness to be discussed and seems to be produced just to become a funny show such as the standup comedies of Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. 300 the movie doesn’t prove any positive feeling or sense in any conscience human whose intellectuality and morality doesn’t allow him to forget the historical realities. I am working on a long time project to accomplish cultural sanctions on 300 the movie getting help by my other blogger friends such as pendar who established the Google bomb against 300 the movieWait and watch the result and remember that the strategy and ideology that caused to the disgraceful production of 300 the movie is not just anti-Iranist. It is anti humanist!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Working children...

aaaaaaChildren are the cheap labor forces and their small hands are acquainted with the hard working difficulties.
Even though using the under-15 years old children for official work is restricted based on the labour law, but they are being exploited with unfairly condition and low incoming.
If you followed the media news and reports on the issue of Child Labour, you got that it is an interesting and favorite subject for reporters and journalist to write about, but the lack of scientific discussion and reviewing the reasons of this social phenomena by the views of sociologists is a real obstacle to find out that why it is growing every day?

Working children, the second generation of a hierarchical job legatees
Now that the different aspects of daily life is being specialized quickly and the scientific fields are being divided into numerous subdirectories, we can not claim that the children are still following their family jobs, but continuing their study and choose an interesting and amazing work field for themselves.
But many others think that the parents because of particular emotional and mental senses would impress them.
The predominant reason of great approach to family jobs and the parents’ occupation by children could be find in their unreal responsibility specially in the poor families with under-normal range monthly incoming.
So in such families that parents are not able to answer the moral and financial needs of family members, children would try to improve their life style and also to take their parents attention to themselves by working and earning money.
By working outside of home, the labour children would try their best to help the family to supply the financial requirements and also attract their attention and kindness. In such families, the academic studies is not reckoned as a social value and in the view of parents, working to earn money and fund rising is told to be the best way of social growth and progress.
Also, in many cases the children like to continue the job of their parents. For example in the families with a mechanic worker father, the senior boy is usually the follower of father’s way and to reach this goal, he commonly leaves the school or college and counts on the father as a successful sample.

Forcing parents, fearing children
In Iran, the outside home working is observed in some common types such as the selling of breviary books, fruit selling and working in local bazaars, porterage work and clothing-related jobs. In fact, the outside working is not just depended on the hierarchical jobs of a family.
The force of parents is also one of the other affecting factors. In families with the low level of academic studies and uneducated parents, the value of working to earn money is not comparable with the given respect to study and passing academic degrees. So we can almost observe that most of parents, discourage the children about their schools and advice them to continue working and become a successful personality in their society in this way.
So if the mental pressure on the children is kept off by parents, we can be certain that a 10 years old boy, would not leaves home in order to make money and be a professional worker. In the other words, if the family environment is safe and secure, so earning a few dollars in a day cannot be a motivating factor.
Also father’s disability to resolve the spiritual and financial requirements of children is another reason of labour children problems.
This would appear due to the abnormal mental situation of father because of an illness or addiction so the children would act to accomplish his paternal duties and the child labour phenomena comes out of the happenings.

Labour children are being threatened
The difficulties of working outside home are not limited to enduring the behavioral insults and being humiliated by people.
If a child leaves home in order to make his parents satisfied and pleased of him, there is no guarantee for him to be protected from social damages. Changing the way of life by being acquainted with some new unknown friends, addiction, depression, suicide and other dangers are very serious threats that may be forgotten.

There is not an exact statistic!
HIV-affected patients: no statistic, street-sleepers: no statistic, idle and workless people: no statistic…
Labour children are boycotted greatly by media and most of people don’t know anything about them. Also the available information about them in Iran is not enough to take your time for more than 10 minutes!
Although the state of Tehran is one of 182nd protocol of International Labour Organization (ILO) members that has more than 180 members all around the world and although 11 sections of Islamic Republic of Iran Labour Law is leading to the forbiddance of under-18 years old children’s working, but the published statistics and numbers are making us aware about different realities.
The official 2002 published statistics of ILO shows more than 352 million under-18 years old children working as the breadwinner of family and 246 million of them are employed and official workers in factories and workgroups.