Tuesday, March 13, 2007

300 the truth?

300themovie.info is an ongoing collaborative art
project featuring art by artists using the theme of 'ancient Persia'. Driven by
an admiration for arts, and united by a common concern about the barbaric and
demonic portrayal of Persians in Frank Miller's graphic novel and the movie 300,
we have come together to voice our objection in a uniquely artistic fashion. The
call for art has just been released and we are still receiving the artwork. If
you are an artist and would like to participate, please send your art to submit
at 300themovie dot info.

It was just a simple introduction on “300 the movie”. Maybe you heard about that 300 the movie an American film produced by Warner Bros company. The story of 300 the movie is based one a comic stripe book by Frank Miller and is continuing the Anti-Parsiism project of those who cannot understand the value of Ancient Persia’s history. 300 the movie is too insulting and mindfulness to be discussed and seems to be produced just to become a funny show such as the standup comedies of Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. 300 the movie doesn’t prove any positive feeling or sense in any conscience human whose intellectuality and morality doesn’t allow him to forget the historical realities. I am working on a long time project to accomplish cultural sanctions on 300 the movie getting help by my other blogger friends such as pendar who established the Google bomb against 300 the movieWait and watch the result and remember that the strategy and ideology that caused to the disgraceful production of 300 the movie is not just anti-Iranist. It is anti humanist!


nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Glad I surfed in.

I am a Canadian Muslim writer i've posted a new essay on the topic of our one, big, old Islamic family:


Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

Anonymous said...

That movie is complete rubbish. Persia has a very old civillization, who preceded the West and Islam together.

Joel said...

although i can understand your sentiment, you have to remember that it is only a movie, that is, FICTION. i challenge you to read some of the director's comments. it makes no attempt to pass itself off as a true historical account, it only attempts to pass itself off as entertainment. as far as the depictions of persians, we have to be honest... the movie portrays an era over 2000 years ago. things change over time (people, cultures, languages, religions...). on top of that, the characters in the movie were from the persian empire, including people from modern day arabia, india and mongolia... trust me, the film is not stirring up any anti-persia sentiment. their place in history is up there with the greek and roman empires. persia is a jewel and has offered alot to the world. the biggest thing that stirs up anti-iranianism in the world is their president ahmadinejad and his divisive speech.

Anonymous said...

I agree the movie was a farce, but it is not intended to portray the persians as demons in actual history. I think alot of iranians are mixing up the current political climate with a movie based on a comic book.

The truth remains that a largely outnumbered spartan/greek force held off a very large army of persians. That is a great hero story that should be told.

I really find it odd that folks are taking offense to the movie. I don't think americans watch the movie and come out thinking lets go attack the demonic forces of iran.


Anonymous said...

As Joel said; 300 is a movie for entertainment purposes. Persians in the film are perceived this way only because in the film they needed someone to be 'the bad guys.' Seriously, for anyone who has watched 300; if the Persians were all lovely people who kindly asked the Spartans a few times etc. the movie wouldn't be very good; would it now?

Amgirl said...

When I heard about it, I wondered if Iranians would be offended by this movie. It seemed to come at an inopportune time...
Here in the West history classes only teach the "Western" i.e. Greek side of that war. Somebody tell me the Persian version.

olivertrust said...

the only way Iranians can counter such disinformation intended to supplant reality with fiction in the collective consciousness, is to first
learn their real or true collective history (not the bullshit about how they come from the true Aryan blood line)and then make a serious attempt at accepting all that is truly good and Decent about their heritage as well as what one could consider shameful.
For example what Nadershah did in India and so on...
Then this must be collectively shared in different formats and mediums such as documentary films about Iranian history culture and peoples .Notice the "s" at the end of
the word people "(s)", it is there because Iranians are a collection of peoples ethnicities and nationalities that have bonded together within a Persian cultural super- structure.
all I am saying is learn the facts so you can disseminate the truth.
Khoda Hafez doostan.

Annie said...

Everyone knows it isn't historical.

Bobby said...

Oh climb off it.It's just a movie for crying out loud.I'm getting real tired of you professional umbrage takers.If the movie irks you that much than make your own "FICTIONAL" account and this time make the Spartans a bunch of fairies who comb their long locks before battle.It's not far from the truth and it will make you feel better.Take it to the ACLU because we intelligent Americans recognise the differance between fact and fiction.You want to see realy disgusting fiction?Just open up a public school history book or sit in on a lecture at NYU.

Anonymous said...

No need to blame a movie. Iran today is doing a good job of behaving in a barbaric and anti-human manner.

Maybe, people might change their opinion of Iranian behaviour, if the Iranians demanded that their leaders start living by the creed of: love thy neighbor.