Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pardon Me Please !

After about one month, I am not able to look inside your eyes, face to face and start speaking without any apologizes. I am really ashamed about the occurred delay of my blog updates. I am sure that it lost most of its readers but I have no ways but forgetting the mistakes and continuing to write, live and “Being”!
How many “I”s I used in these just few lines… however it can be excusable and maybe you can indulge it. I am now a last year college student as called “Pre-university” in Iran. In the other words, I have a less than one-year opportunity to finish my high school or college and enter the university. Otherwise, I will be sent to the military off for a 2 years dispatch and my lifestyle and goals will be changed totally…
Anyhow, it is not so polite to continue chattering now that I returned again after a long delay. I will describe the reasons of this long-term absence and make sure that it will not be repeated if there is not any special accident in my life again!

maybe you are getting used to ... Take it easy!

PS: Oooooooooops... I reviewd my blog again. lets correct it. It is exacly 2 months that I didn't update it, not 1 month. I don't know really how to make out of your embarrassment. Just let the time to be passed! okay? I am compeletly accept that all of blog owners are responsible to their readers and addressees. I was not such a responsible blogger. I know. but take ma another oppertunity. I will compensate!!!


carol said...

thanks for your words. I read that
blogging is "taking over" the
journalism world! While American
media are not exactly government
controlled, they are controlled by
economic factors. Regrettable!

andy p. kappler/acap. said...

I'm in same idea as carol, i see the bush as a marionet from the warlords behind. maybe the best is not to personalisize to the exponented figures of warcrime. The warlords are to find and they must be softly catched by mindwork that they come to better peacefull ideas for everybody.