Monday, August 20, 2007

Difficulties of being a cyber journalist

!There are many descriptions about the "Citizen Journalism". If we summarize all these definitions, it is possible to say that citizen journalism is one type of journalism that constructed on the basis of interest and power; interest of amateur people in communication and journalistic work in addition to their power of creativity.
Among the citizen journalists who work for free of payments and do not receive any incomes for their writings, we can find most of intelligent and smart people who even work more professional than most of official journalists and media elites in many cases, but without being famous and just as anonym and common media staff.
In the past decades and years, the mafia bands including the influent journalists and capitalists were been taking the control of newspapers, TV and radio channels and news agencies. With such influence and conversance, the general policy of international media was always a specified approach trend political benefit of governments and states without having any consideration to the value of truth and reality. Such unjust media that cannot help not being impartial and neutral are always dangerous to global peace, knowledge and information.
When all the managing controls of a newspaper or TV channel are handled by a government-related company or cartel, then we can not expect of it to be independent and realist. But when the citizen journalist forces and creative people are involved in media and communication channels and their abilities are used to organize a reality-based and honest medium, so we can sit relaxed and watch enhancing process of it toward an ideal circumstance.
Citizen journalist is not being paid and doesn’t work for the sake of money, but to gather credit and reliability. He is interested in news reporting and writing for journals, but has not the opportunity to improve his skills and show his faculty. It is a proven fact that restriction and limitation, leads to innovation and originality. You can find its examples in the yards and backyards of poor towns. The most highly-gifted and attractive football-players are found among the little and black boys of these soiled and dusty yards. It is as the same in culture, literature and communication.
Ordinary people love to present themselves with writing, reporting and becoming trusted sources of news. If they had the sufficient opportunity, they can be the rounding wheels of media machines.


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