Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Iranians are not terrorists

Dear world-mates!
I am a Persian boy who tries to be a real Persian citizen. Do you know anything about the history of my country? When there was not any thriving city and inhabited land on the Earth, my ancestors and fathers were trying to build the modern buildings, discover the fire, reveal hidden caves, create new tools and bring the life to the dead world from the holy soil of Persia.

Dear respected people!
Do you know that my homeland, Iran in the centuries Before Christ was the largest residence place of people from different tribes and ethnic groups? All the Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Reds and Blacks were taking place in Iran and selected the different parts of my country for live in.

Dear world citizens!
I am wondering that how your high knowledge and intellectually allows you to count on individuals and persons as the symbols and indication of a great and large number of people especially about Iran. No difference that Mr. Khatami is the president or Mr. Ahmadinejad and so on… all the politicians have their personal viewpoints and belong to political parties. They must act in order to meet the requests of their party and their international display is not a suitable measurement for knowing the people.

Dear Americans!
Some of you voted for Bush and now he is known as one of the greatest international terrorists. He sent thousands of your brothers, sisters, sons and daughters to the unsafe frontiers of Iraq and caused them to be killed. He gathered a great military with thousands of militants and soldiers. They are killing and being killed at last. So is it a logical conclusion that all of American citizens are terrorists because their president is so?

Dear just creations of the majesty God!
Make judge by your consciousness and acknowledgement. In which period of time can you remember that my country started war against a country and its people? Do you say me the Iraqi war? Surely you know that this 8 years unequal war was blamed by Saddam and the U.S. Sated helped him and equipped him with dangerous chemical weapons. They martyred more than 300,000 people and young men. Do you name the 40 years old Ottoman war with Persian Empire? You can find it among the historical documents that the Ottoman Empire imposed that war to Iran and Iran was compelled to resist…

Personally have you all positive views about the performance of your country leaders and its politicians? So is it digestible for you that your country be judged based on your leaders actions and their decisions? The American government, bombarded the Hiroshima and Nakazaki with chemical and atomic bombs. Are all the American people alike of their government heads and cruel such as them?

Dear friends…
Anything that I can say about the delightful history of Iran could be found in this article and this elaborated site. You can become acquainted with personalities such as Cyrus the great, Xerex the great and know more about the first Olympics in Iran, the innovations of Persian people, their peacemaking efforts and so on. But believe that we are different to Arab people and they cannot be compared with us. Persians are really aristocrat and noble people and respected by the all nations. Our country is full of peace and civilization signs and marks… notable poets such as Hafez and Ferdowsi, scared places such as Persepolis and thousands of components, places and individuals you can never imagine!


likwidshoe said...

Stop spamming blogs. It's not appreciated. You and your hateful bile can remain here.

Gert said...


I'm a British blogger who's very concerned about the West's and in particular the US's and Israel's clamour for war against Iran on the nuclear issue.

Let me be clear: I'm not a fan of President Ahmadinejad, whom I believe to be an anti-Semite and a Holocaust-denier. However, such views do not make one a potential mass-murderer. The latter, we are constantly told, must be true because the President has allegedly called for "wiping Israel of the map".

There is however considerable debate here in the West regarding whether that statement is actually correct or rather a self-serving Western mistranslation from Farsi.

I would like to post a blog post on my blog, using first-hand evidence, that is the viewpoint of actual Iranians and not Western conservative patriots who clearly have motive for the demonisation of President Ahmadinejad and Iran.

Please send any information, evidence and links to or post them in the comment section of my blog.

Thanks in advance.

AstroJew said...

I hope that Ahmadinezhad is not very popular in Iran. If yes, than Iran proved herself no better than any other Islamic nation. If you will threaten our security you desrve to be bombed. Why should we allow you to kill us all?

2. You know,either it's quite hypocritical of you to claim that Bush is an international terrorist, or that you simply live in denial (as most of the Islamic World). How dare you say so, after how Irani proxies sow discord and destruction throught the world?
Bush is a brave man, the 1st to acknowledge the threat Islam poses to civillization.
And now let me ask you, who launched a war against Israel, and now it's busy undermining Lebanon's stability?
Who keeps killing innocent people in Iraq?
Who fires Kassam rockets upon Israeli civillians in Sderot?
The answer for all is one - Iranian proxies. Either that you are brainwashed by Islamic propaganda,or that you are very rude and hypocritical. As someone who reads your posts regularly, I must say I expected something less hypocritical.

3. I can easily remember when Iran ordered her proxies to attack other nations and countries without prior provocation (unless you count the existence of some countries as "provocation").
Again, that's hypocritical of you to say so.And let me tell you something - when country such as yours openly supports Genocide against another nation ( and to remind you, Israel helped Iran during your war with Iraq, so we are not to be blamed. You declared war upon us ), she should not expct to be loved and admired by her fellow nations. As the Hebrew proverb goes - Each Camel sees only his fellow's hump.

4. Iran and the Iranian people have a fascinating history. Yet, the Islamic Republic is a cancer which damages both the Iranian people and the rest of the world. I'm a Jew, therefore I'm familliar with the Persian Achmaenid Emperors. Cyrus, Xerxes, Darius, all played a positive part in the history of the Jewish People. Yet none them exhibited the amount of hate the Islamic Republic does. Yet, instead of being friends to the world as your Achmaenid and Sassnid ancestors, the Iranian People had democraticly chosen (!!) a religous lunatic and Islamonazi. You chose being our enemies, although we could have been great allies. I want from you one clear answer - what did Israel do to deserve Iran's enmity?
Best Regards from Israel

Sam Freedom said...

And there probably won't be much left of those incredible things if your president doesn't stop pursuing nuclear weapons while simultaneously denying the Holocaust and threatening the annihilation of Israel.