Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Letter to Ban Ki Moon

In the name of God, the compassionate the merciful
Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations Secretary General
I am Kourosh Ziabari, a 17 years old Persian boy from Iran and one of thousands people who use to write you about their concerns, desires, wishes, complains and opinions.
I am sure that you are one of the busiest men on the earth. You are the headmaster of an organization that deals with 200 countries all around the world and a population about 6 billion people. You have to respond formal letters from your workmates, write and answer to common people who refer to you, make speeches and addresses, get involved in media conferences and answer to reporters and finally to be ready and standby anywhere and anytime!
But I want to ask you to dedicate a few minutes and read my letter completely, although I have not even the experience of writing to my country leader and writing a ail to UNSG and waiting for the reply seems to be very unbelievable for me.
Maybe the labor law in Iran is completely different to the entire world! My parents are journalists and manage a local magazine in northern Iran. They tried to get me used to be a different and talented boy. They started to read me "Shahname of Ferdowsi" stories and delightful glorious Persian literary works when I was 3 or 4.
After a few years, I felt that an interest in journalism and literature is growing inside me and I started to learn Persian and English alphabet before going to school.
When I was 8, my first articles were been published in my parent's magazine and after that, I continued writing and finally I became a well-known journalist who gathered the informal title of "world's youngest journalist" by some of international media organizations and newspapers and now the most authenticated and credible newspapers and journals of Iran are publishing my stories and dispatches although I am living in northern Iran and very far from the capital, Tehran that is the media center of country too.
During these years, I published more than 1500 articles, held hundreds of interviews, published two books and learned to speak some world live languages such as English, Arabic and Italian.
I know that there is a long way toward being a global genius and intelligent person. Unfortunately, there was not any suitable situation for me to grow and improve my skills and become an international peacemaker who can use his abilities and skills in order to make global peace and help the humankind.
UNSG is my dreamland title. I always think about becoming the UNSG when the turn reaches to Asia like 2007 when you were selected as it could be guessed. I know that UNSG selection process has a continental quota and maybe it takes decades for the turn of Asia again.
I am trying hard to reach my eternal goal that is being the UNSG such as you and Mr. Annan or Mr. Ghali. I am learning more live languages, studying hard and the next years, I have to enter the university. I am very hopeful about reaching to my goal although I know that Security Council is the main decision-maker and they have not some satisfying relations with my country and its headquarters because of their political figures and directions.
But I want to ask you to help and guide me, and also I have a great wish that I think it is possible to become true just if you accept. I want to make an interview with you for a national famous newspaper of Iran and I will be very happy if you accept this and let me know how it is possible for me to ask my questions about Iran, global warming, air pollution, global peace, people's depression and their feelings about life, future of world, labor children, gifted and talented children, Iraq and Afghanistan issues and many other things.

I will wait until ever!
God bless you
Best regards
Kourosh Ziabari - Friday, January 18, 2008 – Rasht – Iran


Clara said...

Dear Mr Kourosh,

Though your letter wasn't addressed to me, a common Brazilian girl you know nothing of, I couldn't refrain myself from telling you your letter has moved me much.
Not because you are the world's youngest journalist, or because of the great effort you are making to improve yourself. Although it can be highly prized in some cultures, ambition doesn't move me.
What has made me write to you was your courage, daring to write to Mr. Ban Ki Moon in hopes of being heard, daring to tell your dreams, and specially, daring to go after it. It requires some naïvetè, or to express myself better, it requires faith in men, a thing that is unfortunately rare today, specially in young people.
In the end, what i have to say is: Keep dreaming. I hope to see you reach United Nations someday.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

good luck !

Derek said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I feel you letter to Mr. Ban Ki Moon is straight and to the point and I wish all the best of luck and fortune with your aspirations. :-)

Dr. Ritalin said...

How beautiful... I just found your letter and enjoyed a lot.
I wish you joy and happiness.