Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why Bush Is A Terrorist?

It is an obvious and proven fact that dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and Bush are in the same rank and their dictatorship level is not much different with together. Hitler led the world toward inequality, poverty and opened terrible holocausts up, Mussolini caused his country to become isolated and recluse from the entire world, Saddam Hussein who was one of the cruelest and most stone-hearted people of the world's history and killed hundreds of thousands of Persian people including children, women and youths and Bin Laden who kept his country inside the dark and unlighted sides of humbleness and inferiority stockade.
But about George W. Bush who acclaims to be a religious personality and a republican intellectual could not be ranked in the same with the names I named. He is in a tougher and stronger level of dictatorship and crime.
At first when Bush was selected as the United States President, I thought that he is really thinker and intelligence with a high Intelligence Quotient but later I discovered that he is not yet different with murderers such as Saddam or Hitler.
I tried a lot to convince myself that his Iraq and Afghanistan invasion is logical because he is trying to find and destroy the main basis of terror and also to arrest Bin Laden and Saddam, but the time passed and we observed different facts to his statements in the congress and his promises for gowning the peace and security up in this countries.
Really what is the reasoning of killing civic citizens and non military members? What they are guilty for? It is very simple to find the number of killed people in Afghanistan and Iraq. Are they all terrorists and collaborators of Saddam and Bin Laden? Also it is a long time since the military occupation of Afghanistan. Are Bin Laden and his partners found? What about the daily bombarding of poor and helpless people in these countries? What about the mothers who lost their children in this unequal and unwanted war? What about the innocent children who lose their parents and find them killed by militants and soldiers? Wasn't there another way to arrest Saddam, Bin Laden and punish them personally? Was it needed to occupy the whole country and darken the life of unprotected people? Was it necessary to destroy the personal and individual homes and borrow their furniture and valuable things?
These are all questions that Bush and his cooperators would not find any explanation and answer for.
I am one of the great Ahmadinejad critics in my country and I think that his presidency period was not beneficial for Iran and the region but that doesn't mean that the offensive decisions and felonies of Bush could be covered with ignorance and propaganda. As a world's citizen, I know him as a political criminal and I think that he must be responsible for giving the order of thousands of murders in an international court and a just trial.
He is responsible for the death of hundreds of American militants and common people in Iraq and Afghanistan and the global opinion would judge on him.


Anonymous said...

I read your post at Centrisity.
Though I do not think President Bush is a
terrorist, I do think he is ruining our country.
He has destroyed our reputation around the world.
Bush is not our USA, and thank God he will not be our President in
January of 2009

the default attorney said...

Thanks for your comment. This is an interesting perspective. I agree with a lot of what you have to say.

I didn't vote for Bush. I thought the war in Iraq was (is) wrong). I think the foreign policy he has implemented is destructive and hypocritical. His domestic policies have led to a steady rolling back of civil liberties here in the United States. I cannot believe that after all this time, we have an administration that would even consider that torture is a legitimate state practice.

That said, I don't think labeling him a terrorist does anymore good than his simplistic and counter-productive "axis of evil" list. Hyperbolic rhetoric tends to hamper dialog and progress.

In a perfect world, we could all just sit down at a table and seek common ground with no hidden agenda. Inshala.

Anonymous said...

Is this site supposed to be parody?

Sam Freedom said...

Listen, The U.S., though young in age, has a much better recorded history of helping impoverished nations around the world. When we attack countries, it isn't only because of ONE president. That's where you have it WRONG.

We have a Congress that APPROVED the war. Along with the CIA and the Intel from other countries, they ALL thought Saddam had WMDs and would use them. After all, he fired SCUD missiles into Israel.

Would Iran not defend her allies? If Israel got involved, it would send the whole region into war, so this time the US was already in Afghanistan and it was very convenient to make the move into IRAQ to get rid of Saddam once and for all.

If your country wants to squeeze oil production to threaten oil-dependent countries after a long history of providing the world with oil, is that not an act of aggression? What would happen if your neighbor wanted to dam up rivers that fed water to your people. Would you wait through years of negotiations while your people died of thirst?

Like most Iranians, we are good people and because we are powerful, we don't have to put up with high school level bullshit where people argue like children over who hit who first. First, we secure our national interests, THEN we can talk about it.

But tell me how many third world nations has Iran helped lately? It only allies with Venezuela, an oil rich country with an enemy dictator.

So while there's a lot of good in your country, you have no right to call our president a TERRORIST. The only TERRORIST is your president who held US citizens hostage during the Iran hostage crises back in 1970.

People can say Bush lied AFTER the fact. They can lie and say he is a terrorist when MANY leaders have sent troops to war in which bad things happen, but the way you characterize him is so biased and the fact that you cannot even acknowledge why IRAN is seen as a terrorist sponsoring state virtually discredits anything else you might have to say as well.

Sam Freedom