Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is going on Yahoo!?

Yahoo mail, the most prominent email provider among Iranians, has removed Iran from its sign up page’s country list recently.
This has led to an outcry among many Iranians who thinks that Yahoo has made the decision due to the Iranian government and has ignored millions of Iranians. Meanwhile, people of Iran whom even suffer from their own government in virtual society consider this decision as unjust and bigoted.
Iran blog community which is among the world’s top lists of active blog communities is facing strict governmental crackdowns amid growing online access and the huge popularity of bloggers.
Despite the government restrictions and controls, Farsi is listed by Technorati in the 10 top languages on the net. Iran has near a million bloggers, among them around ten percent are active.
Meanwhile, Yahoo discriminates Iranians by taking the decision to omit Iran from its sign up country list and misjudging the people of the country because of political issues.
As for the decision, people of Iran ask Yahoo mail respectfully to add Iran to the list once again and reconsider this for millions of Iranian, not for the government.
Iran is a country with 7000 years of glorious, rich heritage and extensive history, a land in which lots of great artists, scientists and distinguished individuals have been flourished throughout the ages.


AstroJew said...

Maybe that's simply part of the sanctions Iran is facing.....

Omid said...

Dooste aziz, ghablan ham goftam ke man link be page shomaro dar weblogam gozashtam
amma oon aks bishtar az irani boodan eslami hast, lotfan ye taghiri bedahid

c0dest0rm said...

who is mocking you!? tell me i will... i will... hmmm.. i will preach him!
i just want to say...
check you birthday date in your Profile and about!
then you can delete this Comment!
samy ghannad ;)

Anonymous said...

سلام عزیز
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jsahar said...

how much do you care about Yahoo!?

Anonymous said...

گم خوب شد اون جایی که اشتباه نوشته بودی رو درست کردی آفرین عزیز

Anonymous said...

هنوزم که اون اشتباه رو درست نکردی !!!!!

Kourosh Ziabari, Persian Journalist who tries to be a global journalist! Birth date: 1991 و
اینجا نوشتی
Born in 1990, with two
ماجرا از چه قراره !!! دوبار به دنیا اومدید؟؟؟

Anonymous said...

another project: DIGG IT!

Anonymous said...

it is great.
we are currently in page 9.
(search "yahoo mail" in google)

אמיר said...

I Think its a great shame to yahoo, and any one else in that matter to make such a thing.
I beleive that we, as pepole, without goverments, could have been at least good friends, if not the best. The Yahoo desicision to denay all iranian pepole from service reminds me forgotten and darkness times, in wich my pepole got the same attidue from germany.
I hope your fight, as the pepole of iran, will succeed and soon once again we will see iran in the country-list of yahoo. untill then, im out of there too, and I hope many will follow. Good luck. amir gans, tel-aviv, Israel.

gordo said...

Astrojew is right, the problem is the sanctions. Google says that the sanctions don't apply to email accounts because they're free, so Gmail is available. But the lawyers at Yahoo and Microsoft believe that the sanctions do apply to them.

Either way, the main problem is with the Bush administration, not with any individual company.

Soroush83 said...

hi, may you let me know why you have added meta tag for refreshing helloyahoo ? It's an html hell. maybe i should tell Eric Raymond to add it to his collection. Remove it please

Anonymous said...

now we are in page 5 :)
small distance to page 1

میم - ز said...

فکر می کردم اگه به یه وبلاگ سیاسی مث اینجا بیام با کامنتهای داغ و سنگین یا حداقل درباره موضوع وبلاگ روبرو بشم. ولی خیلی برام جالب بود وقتی که این کامنتها رو دیدم. یعنی سال تولد نویسنده از تمام نوشته هاش مهم تر بوده که به جای نظر دادن چند نفری اشکال پروفایل رو به نویسنده گوشزد می کنن!!!