Monday, November 19, 2007

Persian Mevlana

Recently I wrote a letter to Hudalfa Tastekin who is a famous Turkish actor and also a friend of mine. I made an interview with him that was been published in Persian Etemaad newspaper, few days ago. I will try to place it here as soon as possible. But this is not the question.
In the finishing parts of my letter, I mentioned some issues about a recent Turkish movie that he is role-playing in.
This new TV series that is being made up by Turkey STV channel is dedicated to the honorable life of
Mevlana Celaledin Rumi, the great and well-known Persian poet and his dignified Masnavi. I invite you to read the last parts of my letter that is about Mevlana and "Kuchek Sezman" TV series:

About two weeks ago, it was an international congress on the life and works of Molavi Rumi that you call "Mevlana Cellaledin" being held in Iran and many artists, scientists and professors from all around the world including your country were
in Iran to discuss his great talent of poetry and literature creativity. But I didn't confront to any of them doubting about the Persian nationality of Mevlana…
They were all emphasizing on the necessity of respecting to mutual and common cultures such as the case of Mevlana. He spent most of his life in Turkey as most of his family members are Turkish, but of course you know that he didn't say even a couplet of Turkish poem and all of his poems have been told in Persian.
So I want to ask you as your Muslim brother to deliver my message to your producer and director about saving the truth and faithfulness of reality specially about the nationality and works of Mevlana who is really a historical heritage belonging to all of Muslim world and his case must not to be used as an
opportunity for our common enemies to create dispute and controversy among these two brother nations.

Persian text of Interview with Hudalfa - Part one
Persian text of Interview with Hudalfa - Part two


Anonymous said...

Don't you consider Rumi to be an infidel?

After all, he'd been a Sufi, and don't the Shiites AND the Sunnis consider that sect as a heresy?

Anyway, enjoy your stay at the madrassa, but inform me when you'll start bombing the whole world to pieces.

Anonymous said...

i think u mentioned a good point.
what is important about Mulavi is not his nationality. the point attracts world is his ideas and thoughts in his poems.

at last I want to ask you to not use Rumi in order to describe Mulavi. he live in turkey but he was not Rumi.

Esfandiar Khodaee said...

Hi my dear friend I linked to You in IRAN PAPER

gregory said...

only one change i would make in your story.... rumi does not belong only to all of the muslim world, he belongs to the whole world. period. full stop.

who else but rumi is telling the story of consciousness in such beautiful language?

and we all are conscious.

you have a nice site, i hope you can write more often...

thank you, gregory