Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy 2008

You will not believe if I say that I was even busier than US President within past few weeks!
We passed the 2007 and entered the New Year that is named after Maragheh Observatory by UNESCO so it is time to congratulate to all Christians and Jews all around the world and specially the religious minorities inside Iran. I hope you accept my pardon for the occurred delay.
I wish you all a peaceful, warm, memorable, successful and happy New Year with special unexpected gifts by Santa Claus!
I hope the long war between US and Iraq to be finished soon, Afghanistan and Pakistan could meet the peaceful and calm situation again, French people could endure their "Wonderful" Sarkozy who is really the cause of shame for the whole Europe and African poverty ends with the expire of British invasion and occupation on their sources.
But let's explain about why I didn't update my blog in the last month.
At first, I am still busy passing my mid-term exams of pre-university degree and the time of University entrance exam is coming near so I am training hard to pass these exams properly.
Second, after the impressive accomplishment of
Yahoo Mail project that met a propitious global media coverage, I decided to convert its website into an informative source about Persian culture, literature, arts and history in order to inform the addressees and readers about delightful and glorious past of Iran so as to not allow themselves to compare my country with these so called new Arabic Islands or any other region in the world.
Iranians are the first mathematicians, architects, essayists, poets, scientists and navigators during the completion process of human civilization so I invite you to wait a few more days until the website is charged completely and the final design is ready to be released.
Also, I and my colleagues are working hard on an international project about Mevlana the Persian who is known to be the greatest Sufi poet of all times, a real intelligent who comes from Khorasan, an Eastern province of Iran.
Here is the website of project that is currently only available in Persian but the English edition will be unveiled too.
Also renovated my old personal website and changed it into an Electronic magazine dedicated to Iranology. It currently provided information about top 10 astonishing personalities of Persian rich culture during the past 2500 years such as Farabi the Iranian scientist, Avicenna the Persian biologist and mathematician and Khayyam the Persian founder of Solar calendar. The website is titled "Persia, the Empire of Honor" and could be access through
this address.


Anonymous said...

www.IranNegah.com has some videos about this stuff

gregory said...

rumi... ah, he tells the story of life.... wondering what you think of sufis, and how they compare for you with islam .... they have had some battles