Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mevlana, the national poet of Iran

The Beloved is all in all; the lover merely veils Him;
The lover is all that lives, the lover a dead thing.

Persian Mevlana, of course you know him. A theocentric and Sufi poet whose books have been widely translated in several live languages in many countries. There is a lot of uproar and controversy around the subject of his nationality. Turkish government claims that he is a Turkish poet and recently I’ve heard that there is a same acclamation about him in Afghanistan!

Besides all these, I have a great question in mind and that is about the “lost intelligence” in the mind of world people. It is impossible to imagine that how a mature and smart person could be impressed by this modern type of anarchism and fascism that is growing considerably all around the globe.

It is the result of founding a new school of “Cultural terror” that is based on the foundations of falsifying and forging the historical and documented facts and it is clear that how it is being controlled and managed…

Everyone who loves culture, poem and literature knows that Mevlana born in Balkh that was historically part of Ancient Persia and currently located in Afghanistan. And also he has been buried in Konya that was either a small part of Ancient Persia, but now in Turkey.

If you try some historical resources and books, you will simply find out that Iran’s frontiers were spread through the world from the Egypt to China. So Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Tajikistan, Syria and Turkmenistan were all the provinces of Iran with their special archaeological names.

Iran, Greece and Rum were the dominant empires during the era of Mevlana’s life and there were not any kind of today’s geographical divisions between Iran and its states. So Mevlana’s journey from Balkh to Konya was simply such as the travel of an American citizen from New York to Dallas.

But these geographical portions don’t matter to us. The question is about Mevlana’s Persian poems. There is not even a simple couplet of Turkish poem in Masnavi or Divan-e-Shams therefore everyone who loves to read the original texts of Masnavi or other books by Mevlana must learn Persian, the official language of Iran.

With these all, I am not trying to prove that Mevlana is Iranian because of his Persian poems. It is an obvious fact and anyone who uses his mind will recognize it. So there is not any need to blame up struggle in this field!

I think that pretensions by our Afghan and Turk friends about Dual or Triple nationality of this genius Sufi poet, are based just on political satire and media propaganda.
It is accepted that Mevlana belongs to the entire Muslim world and all of his lovers are using of his advice and words of wisdom, but it is not legal and logical to falsify the nationality of someone who is the national symbol of Iran.


Anonymous said...

I must say, that I can't understand why you, as a Persian, hail Islam that much. After all, to remind you, Islam was the religion of your conquerers, the Arabs.They forced your people to become Muslims, not by peacfull manners.

And if you stil think Islam was good for Iran, look what Islam brought to your nation - from being one of the world's most advanced cultures, you turned to be a primitive mass of fanatics, led by a crazy theocrat and a lunatic president. If I were a Persian, I'd denounce Islam as Iran's Bane.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mevlana was born in Balkh, Afghanistan, and lived there until he was forced to flee to Turkey with his family. Afghans and Iranians used to be same people, and still speak the same language. So yes, Mevlana was born in Afghanistan and in that sense was Afghan, but I don't think he should be limited to any one country. Don't forget Afghans and Iranian unity.

Bilal from Afghanistan