Sunday, April 27, 2008

the Iranian youth dazzle the ballots

The Iranian runoff parliamentary elections in second round have been held on Friday to clear up the remaining seats of the 8th parliament of Islamic republic of Iran.

From the seaboards of Caspian Sea to the coastlines of Persian Gulf, coming from any race and ethnic group, the Iranian people participated in the second round elections to dispatch their desired nominees for the legislator organ.

Yesterday the overwhelming swarm of the Iranian youth to cast their votes to the global media and make decision for their future 4 years compelled the interior ministry to prolong the voting time for more 2 hours while many disfavored to vote because of crowding throngs queuing for the ballots.

The Iranian parliament is consisted of 290 seats while there are 3 seats contemplated for religious minorities including Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians offering the Iranian parliament a unique democracy for all tribes, groups and social layers.

Regardless to the results pointed out, the mainstream media start their black propaganda project months before any election in Iran to disappoint the people for future and show off their votes ineffective on the country’s situation.But the energetic and hopeful youth of Iran contributed in the elections like always heedless to the liar newspapers and mendacious powers who always try to discourage the Iranian people for construction and creativity.

adapted from: Yahoo mail

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