Thursday, May 29, 2008

Iran-Germany bank launches in Tehran

The first common Iran-German commercial bank inaugurated Wednesday in Tehran, making the global opinion astonished about the increasing financial power and global relations of Islamic republic of Iran under the so called pressures of US and its imaginary sanctions on Iran.
The bank which is established under the regulations and laws of EU, programs to improve the mutual economic ties between Iran and Germany as a major member of 5+1 group and also facilitate the deals between Iran and other EU nations.
By the announcement of Islamic Republic of Iran central bank, now there are currently 7 foreign banks in the queue to open their branches in Iran, besides of a European bank which requested of Iran to commence 7 branches in Iranian cities.
Iran is currently the 17th world safe country for foreign investment while US stands in the 164th place.
China, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Iraq, Australia, Sweden and UK are currently the predominant economic partners of Iran while the Switzerland being added to the list with its 28 Billion dollars oil contract.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Iran not to withdraw about Persian Gulf Islands

Iranian government repeatedly announced there is not any compromise about the territorial integrity

With the powerful leadership of Iranian authorities in the Persian Gulf region, Lesser Tunb, greater Tunb and Abu Mousa will remain inseparable parts of Iran; never to be removed off the country.
By grudgingly misuse of the friendly and peaceful approach of Iranian government toward the issue of triple Islands, state of UAE showed it needs more harsh and cutting reaction despite of being warned so many times from Iran.
Because of the neighborhood considerations and religious brotherhood adjacency, the Iranian governments indulges the Arabic states counterfeiting the name of Persian Gulf and their claim of sovereignty on the Persian islands, but the political analysts say its likely that Tehran takes a serious action against the disturbances.

Protesting Iranian holding up the slogan: "Great Persia including UAE under the flag of Islamic Republic of Iran"

Iran had also regularly condemned the Russian and American intervenes to the controversy and warned against the aftermaths.
The triple islands of Persian Gulf (lesser Tunb, greater Tunb and Abu Mousa) were historically definite parts of Iran under the ownership of Islamic Republic of Iran but the young state of Emirates which is still a small province of Iran, made some tumults about the Iranian administration, being motivated by the western powers such as US and Canada.
Iranian government frequently states strongly that there will be no withdrawal and negligence about the historical rights of Iran, Persian Gulf and triple islands.
Last week, a large crowd of Persian youth and students held up a protesting demonstration in front of the UAE embassy in Tehran, conveying the message of national anger toward the hostile actions, carrying banners with the slogan: "O you the Emirates, a tiny land of 37 years old!!"

Monday, May 19, 2008

Iran commeorates the national poet, Khayyam

Statue of Khayyam, the Iranian poet and polymath in Tehran

Khayyam! why weep you that your life is bad?
What boots it thus to mourn? Rather be glad.
He that sins not can make no claim to mercy,
Mercy was made for sinners, be not sad.

The Rubaiyat translated by E.H. Whinfield

Ghiyas od-Din Abul-Fath Omar ibn Ibrahim Khayyam Neyshaburi was a Persian poet, mathematician, philosopher and astronomer. He was born in Neyshabur, now part of Khorasan Razavi Province in Iran.
Although better known as a poet, his substantial mathematical contributions include his “Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra”, which gives a geometric method for solving cubic equations by intersecting a hyperbola with a circle. He also contributed to some amendments to Persian calendar.
Khayyam derived the binominal theorem before it was formulated by Isaac Newton in 17th century.
Outside Iran, he is best known for his quatrains, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, popularized through Edward FitzGerald’s re-created translation:
“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Farabi, Iranian second teacher


Poster showing the announcement of Iran-based Farabi international festival

The Iranian polymath, logician, scientist, cosmologist and psychologist, Abu Nasr Farabi which you know him in the west as Alpharabius and the second teacher (Aristotle comes first), born 870 and passed away in 950, regarded as the most proficient thinker of Islamic world.

Like many other Iranian scientists and outstanding personalities, various countries and states made profuse efforts and struggled a lot to counterfeit the identity and nationality of this mystic philosopher but failed notoriously.

Among these states were Kazakhstan, Egypt, Syria and even Turkey that expended considerable outlays to confiscate Farabi for their own advantages but nobody toke them seriously.

In fact, the negligent and tolerating behavior of Iranian government which was capable of bringing an action against the forging states emboldened them to continue their malicious prevarications about the origin of Farabi who is decisively known as an Iranian scientist; may such hostilities gain a political base to counter the growing authority and power of Persian empire around the world.

Currently the greatest Cinema-related organization of Persian Gulf region located in Iran is called in honor of Farabi, the "Farabi Cinema Foundation".

Also the most popular pharmaceutical company of Iran which had won international recognition over European and Asian countries with the labeling "Farabi Pharmacy" trademark has been entitled under the name of this great teacher, honoring his 80 years of scientific endeavors and studies in the field of pharmacy, biology.

Furthurmore an Iranian-based international research festival dedicated to sociology, humanitarians called the "Farabi international award" which prizes the winners with the crystal statue of Farabi and honorary title.In the next issues, I will speak out about the scientific and cultural efforts of Farabi, the radiant Iranian savant, the glory of Islamic world.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Interview with an American blogger

If you’re a regular reader of you know that I’m
an active critic of U.S. foreign policy, a subject center-stage in this year’s
presidential contest. Near the top of the foreign policy issue list is Iran’s
nuclear program. The next president will have to tackle this issue head-on.
Recently, I bumped into a fellow blogger, writer and journalist from Iran –
Kourosh Ziabari. Here’s part I of IV of our conversation about Iranian and U.S.
politics and culture (don’t worry, there are follow-up questions). Big thanks to
Kourosh for taking the time. I enjoyed our discussion. Comments and feedback are
welcome. - RHM

Based on your experiences, how do you think most Persians view the United States? And what are the primary motivations for their feelings?

In the name of God the compassionate the merciful.
Not necessarily as a journalist, I’ll tell you as a common citizen that the relations between Iranians and Americans have been very fair, friendly and peaceful during times. Despite of rough political tensions between the two states, Iranians and Americans were always good friends and we have very popular and famous examples to prove that.

As a sample, let’s remember the Iranian national football team victory for 2-1 against your football team during the France 1998 World Cup. I clearly remember when President Clinton sent a congratulation message for the people of Iran and their precious victory within the FIFA World Cup.
On the other hand, perhaps you can remember the condolence message of President Khatami after the 9/11 incident to American people where he officially announced the Iranian government readiness to participate in the reconstruction process.

Or as another example, maybe you know that there are more than 2 million Persian residents living in US and they established more than 100 independent cultural, scientific and social associations there. The importance becomes more considerable when you see the traditional Haft Sin table is settled at White House in honor of Iranian New Year celebrations, Nowruz.
Iranians also have participated in predominant fields of endeavor in different organizations of US. Omid Kurdistani who is the chief sales manager of Google, Anoushe Ansari who is the first female private explorer of spatial station, Prof. Firouz Naderi who is one of the highly respected VIPs of NASA and thousands of other examples that express the tranquil and peaceful relations of two nations.

Iranians are deeply regretful for the frequent conflicts between Tehran and Washington, but they believe these strives more likely to be political deceives rather than being hostility and rancor.

President George Bush currently has the highest disapproval rating (more than 60%) than any other U.S. president in history. Does President Ahmadinejad have similar numbers or is he popular with the Iranian electorate?

It was not much surprising for me to hear about the abundant disapproval rate which Bush gains. I read the entire report and its details in CNN. Occupying Iraq and killing more than 2 million innocent and civilian people during 5 years, invading Afghanistan with the pretext of war on terrorism, the scandal of accusing Iran of struggling for nuclear weapon after the CIA report published on the issue and finally driving the world toward terror, war and violation specially in Somalia, Rwanda and other African countries were all dark points that caused the result for US president.

It is totally natural to be such detested when you leave thousands of orphan and homeless by military expedition in a far country just because you think that you are the absolute power.

At the time being, President Ahmadinejad gains a lot of popularity among two major groups of Persian society. At first, the youth and athletes; during the 3 passed years of his presidency, 1500 sports stadium have been constructed in different parts of Iran and the amount of special state budget dedicated to sports rose to about 300% in compare with the state of President Khatami.

The poor and indigent are the second group. Increasing the salary of factory workers, distributing the stock exchange among ordinary and average-income people and reducing the rate of unemployment from 21% to 13% during 3 years all made Ahmadinejad very popular and charismatic among citizens.

He also made the global sanctions ineffective by his unique foreign policy and you can see more than 1000 publications from 75 countries have participated in TIBF 2008 (Tehran International Book Fair) and also 515 important oil and gas companies from US, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Italy and 15 other countries contributed in IranOil exhibition few weeks ago.

There was not any poll about the popularity of President Ahmadinejad in Iran yet, but the unofficial estimates show him well-esteemed though.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Persian Gulf national day

Imagine that I found a new term to be used after the name of "United Arabic Emirates;" Let's call it "Federal Persian semi-Island" afterwards. It is not measurable that how much is it funny, childish and ignorantly to forge a historical fact and alter it just for the sake of financial benefits and sycophancy for multinational companies!
Let's turn you over the scandalized dossier of Persian Gulf renaming by Google maps. Does anyone exactly know that what was the real story? I'll explain you!
Google managers received about 10,000 dollars in their bank accounts from Arab sheikhs and renamed the eternal Persian Gulf to another fictitious term in order to flatter the Arab well-to-dos and please them! Nobody witnessed behind the scenes and all the users of this notorious service (Google map) suppose that they are facing the reality; nobody knows that he is being deceived and beguiled by a cooperative Arabian-American project that is designed for evil purposes.


an antique map showing the honorable Persian Gulf with its real name

Anyhow, either we crave or not, Persian Gulf is a historical reality, not belonging to 10 or 20 years ago.
During 600s BC, the Greek Herodotus mentioned it as Persian Gulf, few centuries later the voyager Ibn Battuta named it with the same term and all of the documentaries and maps indicate it. But I think that it is not our duty to prove the Persian legitimacy of this water body just as we never struggle to verify that when is day or when the night comes!
But let's express that renaming any land, water body, gulf or river which name's has been registered by the UN is counted as illegal action and be prosecuted lawfully.
Today is named as the national day of Persian Gulf in Iran and I'd like to congratulate all Iranians and Persian-speaking around the world and all of those who adore reality, truth and faith!