Sunday, May 18, 2008

Farabi, Iranian second teacher


Poster showing the announcement of Iran-based Farabi international festival

The Iranian polymath, logician, scientist, cosmologist and psychologist, Abu Nasr Farabi which you know him in the west as Alpharabius and the second teacher (Aristotle comes first), born 870 and passed away in 950, regarded as the most proficient thinker of Islamic world.

Like many other Iranian scientists and outstanding personalities, various countries and states made profuse efforts and struggled a lot to counterfeit the identity and nationality of this mystic philosopher but failed notoriously.

Among these states were Kazakhstan, Egypt, Syria and even Turkey that expended considerable outlays to confiscate Farabi for their own advantages but nobody toke them seriously.

In fact, the negligent and tolerating behavior of Iranian government which was capable of bringing an action against the forging states emboldened them to continue their malicious prevarications about the origin of Farabi who is decisively known as an Iranian scientist; may such hostilities gain a political base to counter the growing authority and power of Persian empire around the world.

Currently the greatest Cinema-related organization of Persian Gulf region located in Iran is called in honor of Farabi, the "Farabi Cinema Foundation".

Also the most popular pharmaceutical company of Iran which had won international recognition over European and Asian countries with the labeling "Farabi Pharmacy" trademark has been entitled under the name of this great teacher, honoring his 80 years of scientific endeavors and studies in the field of pharmacy, biology.

Furthurmore an Iranian-based international research festival dedicated to sociology, humanitarians called the "Farabi international award" which prizes the winners with the crystal statue of Farabi and honorary title.In the next issues, I will speak out about the scientific and cultural efforts of Farabi, the radiant Iranian savant, the glory of Islamic world.

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