Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Persian Gulf national day

Imagine that I found a new term to be used after the name of "United Arabic Emirates;" Let's call it "Federal Persian semi-Island" afterwards. It is not measurable that how much is it funny, childish and ignorantly to forge a historical fact and alter it just for the sake of financial benefits and sycophancy for multinational companies!
Let's turn you over the scandalized dossier of Persian Gulf renaming by Google maps. Does anyone exactly know that what was the real story? I'll explain you!
Google managers received about 10,000 dollars in their bank accounts from Arab sheikhs and renamed the eternal Persian Gulf to another fictitious term in order to flatter the Arab well-to-dos and please them! Nobody witnessed behind the scenes and all the users of this notorious service (Google map) suppose that they are facing the reality; nobody knows that he is being deceived and beguiled by a cooperative Arabian-American project that is designed for evil purposes.


an antique map showing the honorable Persian Gulf with its real name

Anyhow, either we crave or not, Persian Gulf is a historical reality, not belonging to 10 or 20 years ago.
During 600s BC, the Greek Herodotus mentioned it as Persian Gulf, few centuries later the voyager Ibn Battuta named it with the same term and all of the documentaries and maps indicate it. But I think that it is not our duty to prove the Persian legitimacy of this water body just as we never struggle to verify that when is day or when the night comes!
But let's express that renaming any land, water body, gulf or river which name's has been registered by the UN is counted as illegal action and be prosecuted lawfully.
Today is named as the national day of Persian Gulf in Iran and I'd like to congratulate all Iranians and Persian-speaking around the world and all of those who adore reality, truth and faith!

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