Thursday, May 29, 2008

Iran-Germany bank launches in Tehran

The first common Iran-German commercial bank inaugurated Wednesday in Tehran, making the global opinion astonished about the increasing financial power and global relations of Islamic republic of Iran under the so called pressures of US and its imaginary sanctions on Iran.
The bank which is established under the regulations and laws of EU, programs to improve the mutual economic ties between Iran and Germany as a major member of 5+1 group and also facilitate the deals between Iran and other EU nations.
By the announcement of Islamic Republic of Iran central bank, now there are currently 7 foreign banks in the queue to open their branches in Iran, besides of a European bank which requested of Iran to commence 7 branches in Iranian cities.
Iran is currently the 17th world safe country for foreign investment while US stands in the 164th place.
China, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Iraq, Australia, Sweden and UK are currently the predominant economic partners of Iran while the Switzerland being added to the list with its 28 Billion dollars oil contract.

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Anonymous said...

good news, by the way, i would like to know some details of this bank such as how it works, what's its business area and etc.. actually without these, this bank would only be a symbol but nothing else.
thank you.