Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Iran not to withdraw about Persian Gulf Islands

Iranian government repeatedly announced there is not any compromise about the territorial integrity

With the powerful leadership of Iranian authorities in the Persian Gulf region, Lesser Tunb, greater Tunb and Abu Mousa will remain inseparable parts of Iran; never to be removed off the country.
By grudgingly misuse of the friendly and peaceful approach of Iranian government toward the issue of triple Islands, state of UAE showed it needs more harsh and cutting reaction despite of being warned so many times from Iran.
Because of the neighborhood considerations and religious brotherhood adjacency, the Iranian governments indulges the Arabic states counterfeiting the name of Persian Gulf and their claim of sovereignty on the Persian islands, but the political analysts say its likely that Tehran takes a serious action against the disturbances.

Protesting Iranian holding up the slogan: "Great Persia including UAE under the flag of Islamic Republic of Iran"

Iran had also regularly condemned the Russian and American intervenes to the controversy and warned against the aftermaths.
The triple islands of Persian Gulf (lesser Tunb, greater Tunb and Abu Mousa) were historically definite parts of Iran under the ownership of Islamic Republic of Iran but the young state of Emirates which is still a small province of Iran, made some tumults about the Iranian administration, being motivated by the western powers such as US and Canada.
Iranian government frequently states strongly that there will be no withdrawal and negligence about the historical rights of Iran, Persian Gulf and triple islands.
Last week, a large crowd of Persian youth and students held up a protesting demonstration in front of the UAE embassy in Tehran, conveying the message of national anger toward the hostile actions, carrying banners with the slogan: "O you the Emirates, a tiny land of 37 years old!!"


Paolo said...

Arabs understand one language and that's the language of 'sword'. Iranians are too kind for permitting Arabs to live in the Aryan lands.

It is time for you guys to reclaim your lands located other sides of Persian Gulf from Arab occupiers and send these camel jopckies back to the Arabian peninsular!

To the unity of all Indo-European race under one umbrella!


Anonymous said...

we just help those arabs with their economies shame on persian gulf is for iranian not for those ashole arab

AMASIA said...

Awesome! I study in the US now and it makes me angry when arab students use the word arabian gulf for persian gulf! it's so natural for them to use the term arabian gulf and they justify it by saying that most of the countries around the gulf are arab ones! but the name persian gulf has historical implications for us. historical identity. and then i don't feel ok to remind them about their historical past since there is arab-israel conflict and the university is so left and they might interpret my statements as anti-arab statements! aaaaaarg... I hate it. Just need to remind them that "seriously! what is your historical past? the golden ages with Biruni and ebne sina and farabi? they were Muslim but not Ararb!".

AMASIA said...

by the way behetun link dadam