Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iran scrunches Persian Gulf rival


The Iranian national football team smashed their Persian Gulf coastline opponent during the FIFA 2010 World Cup qualification round match against UAE.
The match which was held Saturday June 6th in a small stadium of Al-Ain city, finished with a 9 minute's goal of Fereydoon Zandi for 1-0 Iran victory, marking the 8th lose of UAE to Iran during the history of matches between two neighboring countries.
It also needed to note that UAE had never won against Iran in an official FIFA match since 1990.
Iranian team which is being managed by the best all time FIFA goal scorer Ali Daei as head coach, defeated UAE after the outlandish Emirate coach quoted his side is the winner with a probability up to 80%.
Iran is determining her chances as the group's first hope for qualifying to runner-ups, securing its 4th World Cup appearance with a communal struggle and aids from the majesty God.
Iran will meet two other Persian Gulf rivals, Syria and Kuwait within the next weeks, currently standing in the first place of its own group, being followed by the disappointed UAE.
Ali Daei and his squad collected 4 points against Bruno Metsu and his men in two matches while Metsu was recently claiming that Daei is an inexperienced coach and his team is not able to beat UAE, but received the trenchant answer soon!

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