Monday, July 28, 2008

Interview with Pakistani Spectator


"Pakistan is a brother and neighbor country of Iran's with friendly and warm people. Pakistan is one major Iran's economic, cultural and diplomatic allies. The two nations of Iran and Pakistan share many common interests with lots of similarities. We wish to have a secure, happy and independent Pakistan.
The respected and decedent Mrs. Binazir Bhutto was really a symbol of freedom, struggle and strive for liberty."

The "Pakistani Spectator" is an online paper which I found few days ago. It seems to be a very active, renowned and distinguished e-zine with international correspondents and reporters.
It covers political, cultural and technological news with a neutral and unbiased viewpoint which is truly appreciable.
Ghazala Khan, who is the website manager, held a kind and friendly
interview with me as an Iranian blogger and we talked about various issues and topics such as the western black propaganda on Iran, Persian culture and literature etc.
It was for the first time that an Iranian blogger has been interviewed by Pakistani Spectator.
I suggest you strongly to read the whole interview although it is a little lengthy. It will help you learn more about Iran and many concealed realities that the global mainstream media wouldn't allow you to know about Iran, the cradle of arts and civilization, the land of myths and fictions.

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