Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Suspend UK national football team

To: FIFA president
Dear Mr. Sepp Blatter, the esteemed FIFA president According to FIFA regulations, the intervention of governments in the internal affairs of national football federations is forbidden and leads to the suspension of ancillary football teams of the law-breaker federation.

Mixing football and political issues, jeopardizes the independence of member countries and menaces the decision-making process in the associations affiliated with FIFA, so it is always expected of you to take emergency steps and immediate actions in order to stop the states from threatening the purity of football by mixing it with their own favors.

The suspension of Hellenic and Iranian national football federations during the last two years for what you have called the "interference of governments in the sports" and "breaking the rules" was a simple example that revealed your neutrality and independence from political lobbies.

Today, after the unilateral cancellation of friendly match between Iran national football team and Charlton Athletic club of UK due to the demand of British government, another immediate and neutral verdict is needed to prove that FIFA defends "justice" and "equality" for all of its member countries.

We the Iranian football fans from all around the world request you to audit this evident violation of international football regulations by the government of UK and castigate the English Football Association in proper ways and suspend their national teams, clubs from participating in the international matches.

The undersigned

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